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I was a boy scout in the Bay Area in the 70s, a tough time to be a boy scout in liberal SF

When I was a young lad
I was a boy scout
We went once a month
On a camping trip
With our father
Coming along.

Once we went
On a camping trip
Along Stinson beach
In Marin County.

We had a campfire
On the beach
A real bonfire
In the chilly night air/

Fond memories
Of being a boy scout
50 years later.

I am proud
That I was a boy scout
In some quarters
In the hyper-liberal bay area,
Of the late 60s and 70s

Boy scouts were denounced
As being nothing
But training camps
For the fascist overlords
Of the universe.

But I disagree
And am glad
I was a boy scout.

Always regrated
Never becoming
An eagle scouts.
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