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Ash gets kidnapped by some Pokémon!
Ash raced down the stairs to get to school. He grabbed his Z-Ring and Z-Crystals. He knew Kukui, Rotom, and his mom planned something special for everyone. “Don’t forget your lunch.” cried Rotom Dex. “Oh right, thanks Rotom.” said Ash as he raced back to the kitchen to grab it.

“Row row.” snored Rowlet from Ash’s backpack. Soon they were at the Pokémon School. “Alola everyone, we’re going to Kanto again!" Declared Professor Kukui.

“I have a better way to get there then a plane.” Kiawe said. “Ash, you have a Charizard, right?” “Yes.” Ash said right as some water shurikens hit the other students and Kukui right in the neck. “Lycan!” cried Lycanroc.

All the Pokémon had been playing in the back. Ash turned around to see all of them had shurikens on their necks and Pikachu was missing. “Pika!” it cried from out of the school. Ash looked around and then saw Rotom with a shuriken too. All of a sudden Ash was gone.

In the meantime, Kukui grabbed a pokeball from his belt and opened it. Inside, there was an Incineroar. Incineroar smashed the Shurikens. “Incineroar!” it said as it and Kukui ran after Ash. Kiawe and the others followed.

They were quickly stopped by a Charizard. “Char!” It roared. The Charizard hit Incineroar with Dragon tail and it got knocked into a tree. Incineroar slowly stood up. A few other pokemon appeared too.

“Krookodile.” One said. The others were a Sceptile, Goodra, Infernape, Unfezant, Swellow, Staraptor, Pidgeot, and a Glalie.

Everyone called out their Pokémon Now there was Kukui’s Braviary and Incineroar as well as Sophocles’ Togedemaru and Vikavolt. Mallow’s Tsareena and Kiawe’s Marowak and Turkantor were out there too. Lana’s Eevee and Primarina and lastly Lillie’s Vulpix. There were Ash’s Lycanroc, Melmetal, Incineroar, and Rowlet too.

Charizard, Sceptile, and Infernape were in front of them. The three narrowed their eyes. Charizard roared and the Glalie froze Braviary and Rowlet. “Char.” It said again, pointing to Goodra and Unfezant.

Goodra used its dragon pulse on Turknoator and Unfezant used wing attack on Tsareena. “Quick, Marowak use Flame wheel on the ice-type.” “It’s Glalie.” Rotom said to Kiawe. Marowak nodded, but then Sceptile and Infernape hopped on Charizard as it grabbed Goodra. Marowak used the move.

Krookodile jumped in front and used Earthquake. After the smoke cleared, only Melmetal, Lycanroc, Rowlet, Vikavolt, Braviary, and both Incineroar were standing. “Both of you, use darkest lariat!” They both did as told. Sceptile and Pidgeot used whirlwind and leafstorm combined. “Double iron bash!” Rotom said in a panic. Melmetal used the move but Infernape and Charizard used fire punch. “Infernape!” It roared and they all left.

“What was that? Those Pokémon worked together like you would see in a double battle yet there were no trainers at all.” Rotom said.
“They still took Ash.” Kiawe said fiercely. “Now let’s go get him back.” They all couldn’t see any trace. “What now?” Sophocles asked. “Keep looking.” Lillie answered. They searched for over an hour. “Something is watching us.” Kiawe said. He pointed at a dark shadow nearby.

“Incineroar!” Ash’s Pokémon said then charged at the shadow. “Follow it!” The team raced after Incineroar. Then they were surrounded by four Pokémon. “What are these things?” Lana asked.

“Noctowl, Hawlucha, Noivern, and Talonflame!” The Rotom answered. “Rotom, can you try to communicate with them?” Rotom nodded. “They say leave now, before they get reinforcements.” “Not until you give Ash back!” Lilli said fiercely. The four flying types looked at each other. Incineroar, Rowlet, Lycanroc, and Melmetal agreed. “Hawlucha!” One called and Charizard flew down. It pointed at Ash’s four Pokémon and they all nodded. “What! Don’t take them too!” Rotom said.

“Rock!” Lyncaroc said. The five Pokémon looked at each other and nodded. Noivern grabbed Incineroar with its claws and flew off. “No!” Mallow said. Charizard pointed at Noctowl then at Rowlet and Noctowl picked up Rowlet and flew off. Hawlucha and Talonflame grabbed Lycanroc and flew off.

“Melmetal!” it said, looking around. Charizard looked at it. “Charizard, char!” It roared. “Melmetal!” “Char!” “Metal!” Charizard used fire blast and it hit Melmetal. “Char.” it said, looking at Rotom.

“Give them back!” Rotom said. The Charizard narrowed its eyes at it. “Charizard.” it said and stood there. Rotom had its confused face on. “What did it say, Rotom?” Lana asked gently. “Charizard said if we want to pass then only one of us can.”

“I’ll go.” Kiawe said immediately. “No, Charizard take me to Ash and Pikachu.” “Lilli, you can’t be serious, we have no idea where this Charizard will take you!” “I trust it.” “After it attacked everyone?”

“Char.” It slid one wing down. “Vul.” Lillie and Snowy got onto its back. “Char.” “Please take me to Ash and Pikachu, I trust you.” It nodded and flew off. “It says not to follow it.” Rotom said and all the others nodded. “All we can do now is hope Lilli will be okay.”
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