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The conflicted candidate.
The campaign of Richard Carpenter was now over. He stood in front of the crowd of his most ardent supporters and thanked them for helping him win the race. He gripped the sides of the podium tightly and spoke to the crowd through his microphone, highlighting his agenda for the future while railing against the iniquities of his predecessor.
When he finished his speech the crowd cheered as he exited the stage. After making his way through the crowd, shaking the hands of old friends and waving to his supporters in the distance, Carpenter started down the hallway which led to the exit. Upon leaving, he felt a vibration in his chest. Remembering that he put his phone of vibrate during the speech. He pulled it from inside his jacket, checked the Caller ID, Burt Wharton.

“Hello, Burt.”

“Congratulations Carpenter, I see you put that contribution to good use!”

Carpenter knew where this was going. How many more of these calls would he receive? All the big donors now looking to cash in on their investment.

He thought " I ran on a promise to clean up the mess. I don't believe a word of it."

There were too many debts to pay. He tucked his phone back into his jacket when he got to his car and headed off for his celebratory dinner. When he arrived, “Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the next Governor of the great state of Louisiana.” Proclaimed the Honorable Justice Horace Walker.

Carpenter made his way to the head of the table. Looking down through the arch of raised glasses, he managed to feign a smile through his masquerade of guilt and swallowed hard. Richard Carpenter, your new Governor soulless, bought, sold, and paid for delivered upon receipt.
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