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A story I’ve posted over on my FurAffinity, Blovesbudder.
Cover used: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16374987/

This was a story from my FurAffiny page. If you want more work by me you can head there for it. Though I’ll post some here as well.

My FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/blovesbudder/


“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I HATE THAT KINGDOM! Ugh… I can’t believe I was stuck in a cannon, then brainwashed by some sly bean guy, then my body was taken over by some psycho witch. What is today…” Bowser was an emotional wreck. His time in the BeanBean Kingdom was absolutely horrible. Mainly one point that he was actually able to experience through his own eyes, the cannon.

When the cruiser exploded, he was stuck in a cannon for who knows how long. His saving grace was the Mario Bros. who fought of Tolstar who swindled him out of getting out of the cannon. To make matters worse he was launched from the cannon by some mushroom guy that he never even saw. Plus the entire time he knew Mario was judging him for not dieting enough. Bowser sighed and sat on his throne, “Home sweet home for once. I just… could use a break. This day has been a living nightmare.”

Kamek, his right hand troop was waiting outside the throne room, pacing. “I hope everything is ok. The last time he lost his cool I got fried!” He shivered a bit at that thought, though he took a deep breath and pushed open the door. Bowser didn’t look at him and just said, “What Kamek?”

“Your Grouchiness? Is everything ok?” Kamek tilted his head

“I’m fine, just a really, really, really crappy day.”

Kamek sighed, “Need something to beat up or?”

Bowser shook his head, “No, I just need a snack is all. BeanBean Kingdom’s food was… mediocre at best.”

Kamek nodded and left the throne room, leaving Bowser to his thoughts. “Diet my butt. I don’t need a diet. I could have gotten out of that cannon anyway. Grrr, I’ll show that Mario I don’t need a diet.” He stood up and made his way to the dining room, passing by minions and guards. He even saw Captain Goomba, the leader of the Bowser Rescue mission.

He pushed open the doors and stepped into the dining room. Kamek was already talking with some of the cooks. Kamek jumped a bit, “Gah! Y-your Scariness, What is it you need?”

“An early dinner, I’m hungry.” Bowser ignored Kamek and asked the cooks. “What’s on the menu?”

One of the cooks pulled out a sheet of parchment, “Let’s see… looks to be drumsticks and steak.”

Bowser turned around, “Good now get cooking.” He sat down at the table and leaned back, mumbling, “Diet my butt, stupid Mario…”

The cooks served up a couple drumsticks and steaks and wandered off to the kitchen. Without hesitation, Bowser dug in, ripping meat straight off the bone and goosing the empty bones aside and tearing through the two steaks in front of him. He let out a hearty burp and yelled at the chefs, “I’m still hungry, where’s seconds!?”

The chefs scrambled around in the kitchen tossing ingredients in pots and pans, trying to cook up more steak and drumsticks. They eventually get a couple more of each out to Bowser as he was impatiently tapping his foot. “Finally!” He growled, immediately digging in once again. What Bowser wasn’t noticing was what the additional food was doing to his frame.

He finished and leaned back, his gut now more softer than normal. Kamek walked up to him, “Umm… would you like…”

“Yes! Now hurry up with it! Make it double as well! Can’t you all do anything right?!” Bowser roared at the cooks.

The cooks scrambled once more, terrified at his wrath, knowing what he’s capable of. They rushed out the third course, which met the same fate as the other two, devoured without a single trace. Soon a fourth and a fifth course entered the kings gut, pushing it from a small bit of flab to a noticeable gut. Bowser rested his claws on his belly and looked down. “When did this get here?”

Kamek slowly walked towards him, shaking a bit, “I-It’s from your over eating…”

“Overeating? Huh, guess I never thought I was doing that. Oh well, I’m still hungry. Bring me another course! Double it again as well!” Bowser patted his gut, letting out a hefty burp.

“Lord Bowser! Are you sure you…” Kamek started, then being cut off by Bowser.

“Can it Kamek, now get moving!” He roared at Kamek, causing him to jump an scurry back to the kitchen.

Bowser tapped the table waiting for his meal, since it was taking longer than the last course to be made.He could smell the aroma of the drumsticks, causing his gut to rumble in hunger. His mouth began to drool from the delicious scent of the food. Finally his meal was served to him, as he tore through every last morsel of meat that was placed in front of him, tossing the bones to the side. His gut started to fatten up a bit more, but now more than just his gut had fattened up. His arms had lost their original look, now looking more softer and causing some strain on his bracelets, and his legs also gained some new softness as well. Even his face gained some pudge, giving his cheeks a bit of a softness to them.

He slammed his fists on the table, “Another course and make it snappy!” Bowser was losing himself to the delicious food and the new softness of his body. He didn’t care that Mario would joke about his new frame, he never cared about that stupid plumber anyway. Now another course was rushed to him, which within minutes met the same fate as the last courses. This time though, Bowser didn’t yell for more, He just leaned back in his chair and rest his claws on his gut, letting out a final burp.

“That is all for now minions, I’m going to take a nap. I better have a big meal ready for me when I wake up. He stood up and opened the door before looking back at the chefs, “And yes, I’m serious and it better be by my bed.” With those words, he closed the door behind him and made his way to his room for a nice nap.

The End
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