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by nells
Rated: E · Fiction · Young Adult · #2260636
The diaries of two teens about to embark in a tricky thing called love.

The first time I saw you, I was unimpressed. I saw nothing of you that I hadn't already seen before. And to be honest I found you quite irritating. You took up too much space with your presence. I didn't like you.

         I despise you. For some unfathomable reason, you find it hilarious to throw paper airplanes at the back of my head. I, on the other hand, don't find it quite so amusing. You should really shave off that annoying little mustache you've got. It's disgusting.
          A pumpkin fell on your head today, and I must admit I had a stitch in my side from all my laughing. You should really look up when passing the gardening class. Might send them a thank you card. Ah, life is good.
         Let's be real now. What did you expect? For me to roll over and let you complain to your friends about me? Silly boy. I have pride if nothing else. Plus, Noah paid me 10 pounds to steal your watch anyways. Ha.
          Your watch stinks. Did you smother it in your unwashed socks? God, get a grip man.
          I'm going to return your watch to you tomorrow. I can't take the smell anymore. I have a theory that the smell just gets more potent as time goes on. By the time I realized the source of the awful smell, it was too late. The damage had already been done. Now the whole house smells of spoiled eggs and for some reason the slightest tang of desperation. Oh never mind, that's just me.
         I was late today because of you. The transportation of The Watch proved more difficult then I had originally thought. When I brought it home yesterday, I just stuffed it in my bookbag. I spent the rest of that day cleaning out of my bookbag with strong soap. I had to air out my books as well. I will not repeat yesterday's events. I'd rather dangle over a pot of boiling water than stand less than 6 feet from The Watch. I swear I saw holes beginning to appear in the bag where The Watch is being held. 10 bloody dollars will not cover the cost of therapy I'll need following the trauma this experience has caused. Curse Noah. Curse you. Curse you both. Pricks.
         I ended up arriving at school halfway through my first lesson. My lateness was not what caused everyone to turn and gape at me when I walked in the classroom. The object of their interest was none other than The Watch. Or more accurately, what the watch was on. I smiled triumphantly when I saw you gawking at me from across the room. I strode over to you and shoved a poster board at you bearing the words:
Here's Your Revolting Watch You Twat. (Should Really Get That Checked Out For Some Kind Of Fungus. Honestly.)
         And underneath, for the finishing touch I had pinned the offending item to the poster board with pins adorned with your initials. It looked brilliant.
          I got sent to the headmaster yesterday for bullying of all things. Ridiculous. Noah tried to approach me today with tales of you blackmailing him to bribe me. I didn't believe a word. You and Noah are best mates, I should've known you two were in cahoots.


The first time I saw you, I marveled at your forward nature. I admired the way you chewed people up and spat them out with just your sharp tongue. And to be honest I found you quite fascinating. I was too young and naive to know what to do with my feelings. Because, well, I liked you.

         I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Your stupid poster will have me ridiculed for the rest of my years at this school. I have the watch on my lap right now and it really does stink. I reckon we overdid it on the stink spray. I did tell Noah not to use the whole bottle though. Noah doesn't know why I asked him to bribe you. I don't really know myself, to be honest.
         I heard you got sent to the headmaster yesterday. Good riddance.
You didn't get into much trouble did you? I know you had a pristine record before the whole watch incident. I mean I hope you got in loads of trouble. All deserved. (Your hair looked nice today)
         I heard you're dating Derek now. What do you see in that twat. He's annoying and self obsessed. You can do way better, you're amazing.
Erm, anyone can do better than Derek, not just you. A good deal of girls are out of his league. Either way, it's not important. (I heard you hate my mustache. I will never shave it off just to spite you.)
         I shaved off my mustache today. It had nothing to do with you, of course. The mood just hit me that I'd rather fancy a new look. I've been getting tired of growing my mustache anyways. I reckon I'll ditch the mustache and start working on a beard.
         I messed up. Oh god, I've just ruined everything. I couldn't stop myself though. It was like I was outside of my body watching my fist hurl itself into Derek's stupid face.
         Please talk to me, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for making you upset. I'm sorry for everything.
         You ignored me all day today and it was like a knife slowly twisting itself deeper in my side. You wouldn't even let me approach you. You don't get it though. Derek's just going to play with you like that dumb sport he loves so much. And I hated seeing you snog him in that deserted corridor.

         I can't believe you, you absolute wanker. Punching Derek for a couple of laughs? Jesus, grow up.
         You're delusional if you think I care even a smidge for your false apologies. You know I would almost believe you were sorry if I didn't already know how childish you are.
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