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Rated: E · Fiction · Mystery · #2260696
Daily Flash Fiction 10/24/21 W/C 299

“Were you there when we saw that giant fly by?”

“No one was there. It’s a myth, urban legend.” John continued with the newspaper. He rustled it, turned a page.

I definitely saw this, I lobbied my case more.

“No really, I saw it. Want to see the video? It’s on my phone.” I sat beside John on the sofa after I moved a pillow, an afghan, his coffee, part of the paper, the cat.

“How do I know you just didn’t download some goofy internet file or some such nonsense? You spend too much time on the net, Molly. Go read a book or clean a closet.”

Says the man who spends all his life on that ‘conquer the world’ computer game when he’s not reading the newspaper about conspiracy theories.

“Here we go.” There it was, a giant man with wings flying down main street. Captured on my wonderful new 5G phone with the ultimate camera. The video ran for about three minutes, with sound for emphasis.

“I still say it’s a fake.”

I couldn’t believe him, proof was right here in front of him! Then a knock at the door.

“I hear someone doesn’t believe.” A giant man with wings stood at the entrance.

“You bet, come on in.” I led him to my husband.

“Someone here for you, John.”

John looked up to the giant in front of him.

“Hey, how are you.” He went back to the paper.

The giant turned back to me. “Tough crowd. He always like this?”

“You don’t even want to know.”

We walked back to the front door.

Giant man unstrapped his wings. “I guess I’ll get going.”

“Okay, then. Take care.”

“I’ll try again tomorrow, lady.”

“Maybe he’ll see that message in the paper.”

“One can only hope.”

W/C 299

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