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Taking photos can capture the moment and make memories last forever.
The glamour of photography
Nowadays, it is not rare for everyone to have a camera, but when you pressed the shutter, have you ever thought about what the meaning of photography is?

Taking photos can capture the moment and make memories last forever. Photography is popular today, but think about it and appreciate it, because in ancient times, or hundreds of years ago, this ability would have been considered magic.

When you start paying attention to the details, you will inevitably find a lot of beauty in everyday life, you will start to find fun in it, and photography changes your everyday experience.

Photography is now faced with two choices. One is artistic, the other is documentary. But the photographer also faces a kind of confusion, a kind of thinking, a kind of pain. Is photography as a personal expression of feelings, such as a writer's pen climbing lattice? Or is it a purely artistic creation, such as a painter's colorful brush? Or, use it as a weapon? A scalpel? Maybe it has diversity.

Just as literature has a beautiful soft side, there is also full of power and blood and tears side. But what is the main meaning of photography? What is the most fascinating part of its charm? Photography is the real image of the moment, which is destined to be different from other arts. Photography is the moment that determines the permanent. A photographer will eventually be old and die, but the meaningful pictures he takes may never disappear, are permanent. And the story behind the photos could deeply move people for generations. The beauty of photography lies in its authenticity, in its immediacy.

The story behind the photo, the thought after the moment. This is the greatness and responsibility of the photographer. To find the meaning of universality contained in the photos, and the true meaning of commonness is the sincerity and kindness that can move people's hearts; That a heartache side is hidden, that a sympathetic sigh; That sad anger, that a silent moved. If you can use your camera to find that universal meaning, you are a photographer. It doesn't matter what type of camera you're using, it doesn't matter if it's artistic or ornamental. You are a photographer as long as your heart is looking for it. That's what photography is all about!

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