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How to prepare for an emergency zombie attack if you are elderly or disabled.
We are living in uncertain, unstable times my friend and we do not know from one day to the next what could happen. Take your pick as to the blame, but regardless of what you blame it on, you can't deny that Mother Nature is fighting back and we are seeing record crushing natural disasters increasing. Hurricanes are getting stronger, tornadoes are getting more frequent, wildfires are ragging, winters are getting more brutal. I could go on but you get the point. Then, factor in the pandemic and all the turmoil it has caused and continues to cause. Let's not forget to add all the political, social and economical mayhem and you can understand why so many people are throwing themselves into the Prepper Lifestyle.

Now, yes. Let me confess that I, like a lot of folks have done my share of eye-rolling at those crazy Preppers out there getting ready to take on a legion of apocalyptic zombies while living like Grizzly Adams in the wilderness. I do not fear the end times because I know what happens in the end. Because of my beliefs and faith, and because I read the blueprint that lays it all out for me, I know the zombies do not win. I know that a lot of what may be on the horizon is not my fight. That said, I DO believe we must be prudent. We must be vigilant and we must do everything in our power to set ourselves up for victory.

I've had many people of faith tell me prepping isn't Christian. That it shows a lack of faith that God will provide and protect us. They like to point out scriptures such as Matthew chapter 6 verses 25-34 where it tells us to take no thought of tomorrow, what we shall eat, drink or wear because God who takes care of all things also takes care of us. But they forget or conveniently ignore all the stories where God warns his people of impending problems such as famine, plague, and mass destruction and prompts them to prepare! In Psalms, God says to study after the ant and be wise. He says it is wise to toil and gather food so that in the season of winter we have what we need.

YES, God supplies our needs. YES, God takes care of us and provides for us, and YES when we are weak and can not do for ourselves, God loves us so much he WILL sustain us. However, God gave us common sense. There is a vast difference between having faith and trusting God and being lazy, foolish, and ignorant. All of which, the Bible warns us NOT to be! The Bible tells us to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.

I do not believe it shows a lack of faith if I stock up my pantry or if I plan for the future and take steps to protect myself and my family in case of an emergency. I believe I am doing exactly what God tells me to do. I do not prep out of fear. I do not prep out of a lack of faith. I do because the times are evil. Because now more than ever the devil is ragging and seeking whom he can devour (like a lion) and I refuse to allow myself or those I love to be devoured simply because I failed to provide reasonable protection for them.

Now that I've explained WHY I think prepping is so important, now let me explain why I am not going to be prepping like most people. I don't know about you, but I find myself fascinated watching all those Youtube videos with crazy peppers living out in the wilderness. Those building expansive homesteads and gardens. Some have underground bunkers and pantries. I won't be doing all that. For one thing, I live in a small, one-bedroom apartment in the middle of Houston, Texas. Secondly, I am disabled and depend on a wheelchair and several other adaptive aids in my everyday living, so living off-grid in the wilderness is not exactly a reasonable expectation. That doesn't mean I can't prepare! That doesn't mean I'm doomed to be an all-you-can-eat buffet for a horde of zombies!

It means I have to think outside the box. It means I must be creative and do things that work for me and my family. It means I have to put a little more thought into the whole survival thing. Do I know what I am going to do? Nope. Have I got any idea what I am doing? Nope! But that is the fun, because if you are like me or you have someone in your family like me or if you are just curious how a person like me could possibly prep, then you are in for a ride because I'm going to bring you with me on this trial and error journey.

This is the perfect time to start this adventure. Dec of last year my husband and I lost our home. We were forced to sell everything we possibly could, we had to rehome all our beloved pets, and we packed what we could into two suitcases and two backpacks and bought two one-way tickets to Houston Texas! In March of this year, we finally moved into our low-income one-bedroom apartment and have gotten settled in. So, in many ways, we are just starting over again. Previously, before we moved I did have an extensive pantry stocked up, but we lost all of it.

Now we are at a point I can start over again getting us prepared in case another pandemic hits or an emergency. We now live in Houston which doesn't get hit a lot with hurricanes, but it DOES happen. Last Feb we were here when that ice storm hit. We were living in an extended stay motel and that was highly stressful because we had very little in way of supplies. The water pipes burst and we were without water for three days. So, I think it is perfectly reasonable to prepare and think ahead in case of another such emergency. What better time to bring you with me? You can see me start from scratch! You can see how a low-income, disabled woman in a wheelchair who lives in the middle of the third-largest city in the US preps.
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