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Bank heist in progress.
In the First National Bank of Sioux Falls, another day was ending as the lobby doors were being secured and the tellers were settling their accounts for the day. Gerald Turner was the Branch Manager, and it was his job to go down to the basement and secure the vault once all the money for the daily transactions had been put away.

“Does anyone have anything to be put into the vault before I head down? “ He announced to his staff.

No one raised their hand.
“Okay, I’m heading down to lock up.”

This was the same routine Gerald had late in the afternoon daily, for the last twelve years. No one else could gain access to the basement except the Branch Manager on duty for the day. Gerald made his way to the elevator, scanned his passkey and descended to the basement to secure the vault. The elevator came to a stop, a bell rang and the doors slid open. As Gerald made his way to the vault he heard a faint rumbling coming from the inside. He stopped abruptly. What was that noise? There should never be anyone else in the basement.

Gerald had been trained to prepare for this situation but he was still very shaken. He drew his gun from the holster under his suit jacket. “ I know you’re in there. I need you to come out slowly and show your hands.” Suddenly the rustling noise stopped. He raised his arms in a locked position, closed one eye, and starred down the sight of his pistol. He knew the intruder was about to appear would there be shots fired? Then a shadow preceded the intruder as the intruder emerged. A rat. Terrified, the little guy turned and ran.
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