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There are so many ghosts these days. Corona ghosts, gun-shot, and other ghosts

On Halloween night
In a deserted graveyard
The spirits of the dead
Come to life.

Tick tock tick tock
Went the clocks
Buried in the graveyard.

The newly emerging ghosts
Corona ghosts
Gun victim ghosts,
Heart attack victims
Car accident victims

Millions of ghosts
Came to life.

Determined to haunt
The living
They spread out
Across the land.

But the living
For the most part
Did not notice the ghosts
All around them.

Just as they barely acknowledge
All the corona victims
The gun-shot victims
And all the other ghosts
All around them.

Just too many ghosts
These days, it seems..

They returned to their lonely graves
Buried the clocks in the ground
And were soon forgotten.

As the living went on living,
Mourning the dead
In their own way.
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