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I sit and wonder why people are looking straight through me, then remember why?
Round 5 Prompt

I feel people looking straight through me,
As I sit on the park bench, feeling unworthy,
The cold wind howls as darkness creeps nearer,
And I wonder where I will be led from here?

Cold, I rub my arms, My skin's so blue? Am I dead?
On the breezes, I hear spectral singing overhead,
Ghostly clouds chase each other across the sky,
Curiosity unfolds, wondering when did I die.

A beacon light shines down, so I follow its beam,
I remember seeing this glow in my dreams,
I enter a void, into the doom and the gloom,
And recognize this place, where I was entombed.

Here I am lying beneath the dead and wilted grass,
When did this happen? How did this come to pass?
I again materialize, needing to know my demise,
No one gets away pulling the wool over my eyes!

I remember a fight, getting pushed down the stairs,
I look up to see my husband - an evil grin he wears,
His devilish deed that caused my painful demise,
“Devil, he’s all yours to take care of and chastise.”

20 lines
Written for:"Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest

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