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A history of broken promises.
The wavering skyline that silhouetted the Black Hills were blurred by a cloud of dust kicked up by the horses of the Blue Coats as they came to an abrupt halt. Blocking them was a human barricade of Sioux. They starred down the riders and stood their ground.

An Indian brave stepped forward and spoke, “Go away. You are not welcome here. We want nothing to do with your useless treaties and we are not interested in moving again.”

General McQuads for the Bluecoats replied, “We will not go back on our treaty this time. I promise. Go bring your chief and let us discuss this matter with him. “
Before the brave could reply, a voice came from behind, it was from Chief Eagle Feather, “You say promise? You only break your promises when you return moons later. We have a word called tohanka. When we sign a treaty we give you tohanka, you come back and change your treaty but we still give you tohanka. Our tohanka never changes. Your promises keep changing. Your promises are meaningless. “

McQuade stepped toward the Chief and addressed him, “Don’t make this difficult. We need this land now. So you tell me. How much is it worth?”

The chief pulled a special feather from his headdress that had a razor-sharp point. He drew it across his cheek and let the blood drip onto the paper. He dipped his quill, signed the copies, and shoved them back into the arms of the general, “ tohanka.”

McQuade mounted his horse, stared down to the chief, “Make sure your out by the next full moon. “

“We will”

The General led his men back in the direction of the black hills.

The chief waved, “I promise!” and he watched as the Bluecoats rode right into an ambush.
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