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by Bob
Rated: E · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2260924
Sean works his charm in getting Gavin O'Malley to allow him to court his daughter.
At Sean's suggestion Gavin added two kegs of Guiness ale and three kegs of Irish rye to his order. They moved on to a local inn and had an early lunch of fresh steamed lobster. Then delivered O'Malley to his home.
Sean took his leave and made his way to the docks and changed to work clothes. He labored till night fall moving freight, gathered his Pa and made his way home for a well earned rest. Daylight found he and his Pa on the docks as he buried him self in his work. He was an impatient young man but did not show up at O'Malley warehouse or home as he waited for his ship to come in.

"Sean, tis the freighter you've been awaitin' I believe comin' round the break water," called Billy from the deck of ship snugged up to the dock as the last net full swung over the side to the dock below. Sean steadied the load as it eased to the dock then dropped the net and the stevadors gathered round to lift the boxes and crates to the iron wheeled dollies for delivery to warehouse. No salvage on this lot. Out going freight moved in to be out loaded for shipping to Britain. Sean new the incoming freighter would not find a place dockside for a day or two but took time to visit Gavin O'Malley's warehouse to inform him that his ship had arrived safely from Ireland.
"That is great news, Sean, our first load of goods from the green isle." said Gavin, his eyes shining.
"Aye, sir, tis a good thing indeed. I think my customers along my route will be glad to serve Guiness ale to their customers. According to you sir tis the best ale in all Ireland."
"Indeed it is, as well as those five gallon kegs of rye whiskey. I think your about to spoil those on you route to a better product for sure."

Sean personally handled O'Malley's goods and delivered them to his warehouse. From his own small horde of cash he paid for his portion of freight and quickly delivered his goods to the inns along his route. Once done he presented himself at O'Malley's doors scrubbed and decked out in his best togs.
"Why it is Sean himself today. would you come in and visit?" said O'Malley.
"Indeed I would sir." said Sean. After joining O'Malley in his den Sean did not hesitate to state his business.
"I sold my ale and rye along my route right off and after my customers sampled them I got more orders right off. I'd like to order five barrels of Guiness, and ten five gallon kegs of rye."
Gavin got his quill and quickly wrote down Sean's order.
"Your business cannot help but grow when you offer quality goods my boy. Now you could have made this order at my office at the warehouse come Monday so you must have something else on your mind."
"That I do, sir. I've worked hard to meet your approval and to show you that I am not just a sweaty stevador, but a man of ambition with an eye to the future. So without further delay I'd like to ask your permission to court your beautiful daughter. The moment I saw her coming down the gangway of the ship my heart was smitten."
Gavin frowned a serious face, but there was a glint of humor in his eye.
"M'boy, there've been several young men pushing our door bell here of late, so I'm not surprised that you might wish to pay court as well. Most of the boys are from monied families and do not have to lift their own weight to live. I like your attitude and ambition. It is well with me for you to pay court, but I must warn you that Coleen has a will of her own and it is you who will have to win her hand."
Sean rose to his feet and offered his hand. Gavin took his firm grip.
"Thank you sir, I'll be visiting now and then as I find time. Good day sir."
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