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A brief interview with Trent Dillman after A Family's Past
(1) How is life for you now, compared to life prior to these events?
(2) How did the events of your story change you?
Trent Dillman: My life is different now. Way different. I always envied Keith because his family had money. I always wanted to be like him.
When I saw the way he was treating Aunt Diane, I wasn’t sure anymore. I didn’t know if I still wanted to be like him. But he was so lucky to grow up with money – or I thought he was. In some ways, though, I guess I had more than he did.
I don’t know if he would have come to save me, but I would like to think he would. But I guess I don’t know. I knew what I was getting into – or I had an idea anyway. When the ransom demands started coming in, I knew it had to have something to do with that curse or whatever Aunt Diane thought was going on. I learned about Bernard just in time. None of us had any idea Bryant had a brother.
I didn’t want to think Aunt Diane was crazy, but it was hard to know with all of that talk of a curse from a crazy man and all of that. I guess in some ways we all believed it. But Keith made fun of her when we were alone – like he was so tough all the time. I wanted to be like that. He never got his feelings hurt. He never got picked on. I got picked on all the time. Now I don’t mind it so much. I know I was living a good life.
I don’t know if Keith will ever be normal again. His brain is pretty messed up, I think. I feel bad for him. But I will take care of him. He will never have to worry. And now Aunt Diane can stay here, too – that is, if she wants.
Being here at the homestead has changed me. First, I enjoyed just being around the farm and thinking about when it was full of animals and how simple life must have been then. I guess that’s when I started to feel different. I started to feel like maybe Keith’s life wasn’t the life for me after all.
When Keith was so dead set on finding out how much money he could get out of the place, I knew he didn’t see any beauty in it. I secretly wanted to figure out a way to get it from him, for it to be completely mine. But I didn’t want it to happen this way….
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