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A short story from promoted if suddenly mirror starts talking
Hello! I'm writing this true story for you, from my life event , hoping you to learn something. But at first, I need to introduce myself . I am a writer and my writer name is 'proton69". I am a new writer of a new magazine, which is not so popular. I am writing only for two years and I'm not popular writer either too.I do a salesmen job and after I return home in the evening, I give my time for writing. The lonely and idle time of the whole day.

My story is of such a evening time.

On that evening I was sitting on my desk holding my favourite 'Econo' ball point pen for writing. There was writing papers in front of me. I wrote only two lines of an article about my objective of writing. Suddenly, I heard a male voice asking, "What you are doing, guy?"

I looked all around my room, though I knew nobody was there in my room. The invisible and unseen voice asked again the same question. Then I became scared, there was a strange silence all around me. And my mind was imagining of horrible....bad souls....

My voice had the vibration,"Who... are...you?"

"It ain't necessary. But why you are wasting your time? You can go out, walk, date, or dance in a bar, have a drink. Ha? All these are entertaining , isn't it?"

"I am trying to write a short story. But who are you? I can't see you." My fear in my mind just vanished listening these words. These are usually spoken by people, who think that writing is waste of time.

"Mirror, just in front of you, hanging on the wall."
I had the laughter..ha..ha..ha..ha......mirror is talking with me.....ha..ha...haa...ha...ha.
I said," Very funny".

"No, it's not fun! I watch you everyday. What you do, what you eat, how you sleep..etc.
"No, you don't watch me. I see myself, brush my hair, get dressed up.."
"But why you are wasting time now!"
"I'm not wasting time. I am trying to write a short story."
"But what you'll get from this? Are you not wasting your time?"
"No, I don't expect anything in return. I just love to write. I enjoy this very much. I pass good time."
"But you become angry when you can't write."
"No, it's not true. I don't become angry when words don't come fluently. I rather take time and think. I try to find appropriate word for expressing feelings and narrating the events.

After few minutes, I finished, "I think if someone become angry when writing don't get flow, he must not write in that moment. The writer would need to concentrate more on the topic on which he was writing.Be thinking, imagining and..."

Mirror remained quiet.

I concluded,"Writing is for entertaining the reader, not for achieving reward. And the reward for the author is huge number of readers. And the author then get the joy from writing.
The. End
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