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cozy corner with my tea; a slice of pumpkin pie? Yes, please; the dance of autumn leaves
The dance of autumn leaves

The time has come; my body's fed;
in a blink my inner child has fled
yet stares at wrinkles, hides my meds.
I'm lost without my memories,

that twirl within my head!
reside where I can't see!
like wisps of fog now shred
like shadows of the dead.

and so I'm left with these instead:
a cozy corner with my tea;
a slice of pumpkin pie? Yes, please;
the shuffle dance of autumn leaves

that swirl around my head
that land where I can't see,
cold wisps of fog now shred,
mere shadows of the dead.

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16 lines

Muttering to myself: memories/mem'ries; around, 'round, round; 'in a blink my' vs 'my blinking'.

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