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A short story from prompt, touring in a country. and met some strange people.
This world is full of wonder. Either you see the nature, it's beauty or the creatures.Human being, nice people. And sometimes they are very strange, Their activities and behave looks abnormal.I am telling this from my experience.Here I'm going to write about such abnormal behave and activities.. Hope you'll believe and should not say that it is written from my imagination.

I was feeling bore staying in home. My mind desired to go out, to some other place, may be in other country. A tour in foreign country. I made contact with my friends. I talked with peter and Roger on phone. They accepted the proposal of tour in foreign country.I won't mention the name of the country. I don't want.

Anyway, after we had our consent on the tour we started preparing other official papers like passport and visa, and packing baggage.

The country we decided to travel was the neighbouring country. I don't want tell the name, because I don't want to create bad impression.

We booked hotel and on the first day we were staying in the room. We were gossiping whole day. But in the evening we went out with with hired bikes. We looked all around the city.

We were enjoying the ride, high rise buildings, market, crowd and the city lights, everything caught in eyes newly. A new environment, peoples, language, activity, behaviour. A new culture.

Peter asked is we wanted to take coffee. Roger and I could not refuse the proposal. Moreover, I added,"Snack too''. Peter smiled.

We parked our bikes in the parking lodge and entered the restaurant. We forwarded and sat on a table.One mid gate waiter came forward to take order. We ordered coffee the item ordered for could not remember. Because we had not eaten or drunk anything.

The waiter went on and we gave attention to the band playing music in one corner of the restaurant. Classical melody and and the music had the spell in our heart. Roger had sunk in the sea closing eyes, felt in depth. He is a music learner.

At a stage I forgot why we were sitting there in the restaurant. Peter reminded that we were there for coffee. But it was been long the waiter took the order, might be half an hour before. Where did he go? Why he was delaying serving us? I became impatience.

I waved hand toward another waiter on duty, but it seemed that he did not see us. My hunger increased and felt that I needed to take dinner.

I lost my patience completely and became angry. I stood up, Peter and Roger too.We started walking and forwarded to the exit door. Heading toward bikes, but there we saw a man standing , looking at our bikes like he had never seen before.. He was blowing horn unnecessarily .

I forwarded toward him and asked",Who are you and what you are doing here?" The man answered, crying like baby,"My father won't buy any bike for me." His age was might above forty. But behaved like child and had complained in childish manner. We were surprised!

I forwarded to my bike and gave a start and told the man to ride on the back.But he at once started running through the middle of the road, where other heavy vehicles was passing by.I became scared and shouted," Hey! What you're doing? Hey....don't run.... But he did not listen and kept running helter skelter. We could not make move until he reached the other side of the road safely.

We were hungry, so we started searching a good restaurant for dinner. We found one within short distance. We parked bikes and had entered the gate. Suddenly, Roger hold my left hand from back and tried to draw my attention to the receiption table. We saw the man cried and ran away a little while before in the previous restaurant and the mid gate waiter who had vanished after we gave order. They were talking with each other. It seemed they were acquitted with each other from the past. They work here anfpd they were planning something. We could not speak a word We just stood there and thinking.

We were completely surprised.

The End
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