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Sing to me sweetly; the year slowly dies as fog turns to white while I sit here and cry
Round 5 Prompt

Autumn Lullaby

Sing to me sweetly;
the year slowly dies
when fog turns to white
as I sit here and cry;

         sing to me sweetly
         as autumn leaves fly.

Sing to me softly
as light quickly fades;
sing to me sweetly
as I undo my braid;

         sing to me softly
         I rest unafraid.

Swing for me, gently,
up high in the tree
as autumn leaves fall
red, golden and green;

         swing for me sweetly
         as bones are picked clean.

No, weep for me not,
if ever you did;
I watch as you rot
stuck fast to this bench;

         swing for me sweetly;
         I can't smell your stench.

Why bring back mem'ries
of hot lips that clasped,
as hands wrung my neck
and killed me at last;

         swing for me sweetly;
         what's past now is past.

You swing from the tree
where we said our goodbyes;
but now we're both free,
look into my eyes;

         swing for me sweetly
         see the one I despise.

I've shed all the tears
that ever I'll shed;
swing for me sweetly;
I'm glad that you're dead.

         Swing for me sweetly;
         so glad that your dead.

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42 lines of rhyme. (5.5) [mostly]

October '21 prompt #1.

Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest  (13+)
Round 48 Open December 2021.
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