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A short story written from prompt: If you had one night in desert with no food and water.
At last the sun went down and slowly the evening came. Whole day I was walking on the desert. I felt tired. My bones were breaking down.Inevitable pain all over my body. I laid down on the ground.Or I fell down on the ground. I could not be sure.

All the day I walked searching for water, if there had any source."It is desert. How you'll find out any source of water? Ha?"my mind questioned. I reminded again that I was in desert!

I hadn't given anything in my stomach in two days. Two days ago, luckily I got two dead rates. It was then very happy and hopeful moment! "I'm going to live!". I ate them both. My stomach filled and I felt like I had new life.
I took long breath.

But I did not get anything liquid for drinking to quench my thirst. At last I drunk my urine. What a human being could not do for living! I then realized what was the life and how much a person do love oneself.

On that day my urine dried away and I was leaving hope.I could not hope to live the next day. No water, nothing to eat with me. Oh!

Who knew I had to be on desert and dying in thirst and hunger! Me and my two friends with me were flying on aircraft. Everything was going well. We drunk. We were talking and loughing, razzle-dazzling.......suddenly the engine of our aircraft started trouble, going up and down and on left and then right side. Mac tried to fix. He tried heart and soul... to take the control but.... the aircraft started going on to the ground, crashed on the desert.

I survived!

Two friends died on the spot. I could not do anything, even could not burry them. My left leg broke. I just cried in that helpless situation.What could I do more!There was no one to help. Just a few minutes, the trouble started in the engine and it was all over. The scene turned into the tragedy.

Till then I passed one week. Without food, and water. In the loneliness, without companion, on the desert.I survived but every moment I was frightened. Fear of death! On that day I gave up hope. I thought I might not had lived the next day. It might had been the last day on earth. Tears came in my eyes.

There was no one to cry for us. And I thought no one should even know that how we died there.

I was tired, hungry and thirsty. I had no strength to make move.And if I had even I could not move in the darkness, I might had gone in the wrong direction. I was walking in search of water and at the same time to reach peoples locallity. Where was the end of desert? I became desperate to see human being, their habitats. !My eyes became sleepy, because I could not sleep in last two nights. I had fear of attack of poisonous species like snakes, scorpions and spiders.

I laid down or should I say fell down on ground.in the evening. My eyes became closed, I thought I was dying and that was the last moment of my life. And I should have reached the eternity.....

A snake was climbing up from my leg to my chest, a rattle snake! I knew I had to do something, but I did not see any stick. I had to get up, I tried but could not. My body had paralized ! My breathing almost stopped and my heart beat rate raised, I could listen. My body temperature might had gone down, I was ..feeling......so cold!.....I screamed...."Help!".....
My voice might had reached the ears of other dangerous species..."Why am I shouting.Stupid''....I rebuked myself....Then I saw another one ....coming by to bite..his or her tail tingles....horrible sound.....I......

A horse was coming, running from distance....I heard...might it was the bandit. But I had nothing with me to loot.....they had sword or knife with them!....."Are they going to kill me! If they don't get anything?...."

I wanted to see clearly,. My eyes opened or I opened them to see what is happening. I saw clear blue sky over my head, wide to the horizon. I had nightmare! I had a nightmere, It was not the reality! I slept whole night for my tiredness.There was no snake on my chest, it was all the fear of my mind.Oh! I sweated, though the atmosphere was very cold on that time, my body was vibrating.....

And the sound I heard in my nightmere, the horse running, was the sound of blades of helicopter over my head. No bandits! The helicopter was in search for us.I did not know how the news of the crash reached to them.

Anyway, though I could not raise my hand for my weakness, but someone there saw me, and they were trying to land on ground. I'm going to live! Peoples, family, home....again!....
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