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We never know when we will meet just the right person.
I wish for the serenity in my heart
But this day was filled with aching, tense muscles
and feeling of misery in my mind
The day still had a sun shining in the sky
But I was busy looking at messes and jobs to do in each room
I wanted to walk outside for fresh air
But my injured leg made each step a torture for me
I had a husband who would give me the world
But recently his mind his thoughts were on bills, losses in stocks and his business
This day was agonizing
My other problems seemed insurmountable

I went to a doctor for my yearly examination
I saw an old man brought in a wheelchair by a friend
He had on a thin jacket and old clothes
He still held up his head as if to show
pride, and confidence in his ability to continue a satisfactory life.
He looked around the room and moved himself over next to me.
We sat quietly as the next patient left the room.
He turned to me and said, "You look sad." In a lovely mellow voice, "I will listen if you want to talk."
I started to tear up as the first word came out of my mouth.
This man was to me, an angel in disguise.
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