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The perfect snow day
snow sizzled on the tin roof with hissing sounds
cold air crept across my neck making me shiver into the bedding even more deeply.
the sizzling muffled and then stopped
that meant the snow had gotten too deep
I wasn't looking forward to all the shoveling shortly forthcoming

It wasn't too much torture to shovel, to be sure
home-made hot cocoa and warm cookies odors filled the kitchen with delicious smells
we would run out, shovel, and run back in when our hands numbed, we'd warm up and repeat until the job was done
the livingroom fire burned merrily, snapping and cracking at odd intervals and sparks would fly
after a hot breakfast filled our stomachs we rested warmly in the glow of the fire

no school today and an impromptu festival began
snow angels, wheelbarrow races, forts were built, defended, and lost under enemy fire
Hot apple cider warmed us all again and we played into the afternoon
Later that evening after washing and getting ready for bed
mom and dad would hug and kiss us good night, and once again I would listen for the sizzle on the tin roof
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