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Just my take on how childish adults can act.
"Fall Back"

So many important problems,
That need attention now.
A battle over cancel culture,
Seems trivial somehow.

Fall back, silly media divas,
Talking heads without sense.
Global warming is upon us.
Our oceans, cities in distress.

Children need honest education.
Not parents as angry fools.
Teachers need our thanks,
For work in challenging schools.

Fall back, pompous politicians.
The world will still revolve.
I have faith in real people
Together problems are solved.

Can we agree to pull in tandem?
Put our thinking caps on.
Our world could be at peace
If we agreed to get along.

By Kathie Stehr
Nov. 7, 2021
20 lines

Daylight Saving Time is a really old idea that we need to do away with too.
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