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I thought love at first sight was a myth, but maybe some people just draw others to them.
We ran through fields of grass,
Under a blanket of night,
Stolen moments to lay on a bed of flowers,
Watching stars so bright,

Is this love?
To need to be with a person,
To want to hold them, to see them, to hear them?
When you leave, my heart hurts and my emotions worsen,

Your laugh lightens my heart,
And your smile makes me fly,
But how could I feel this way,
Why oh why?

I used to think love belonged just in fairytales,
A story for children,
I used to think I'd never find my person,
But now my mind is racing, my emotions fighting to stay hidden,

You grace my thoughts before bed,
You dance in my dreams,
But it makes me want to cry,
Emotion tearing me at my seams,

But as many times as I tried to let you go,
I was tugged even closer,
We met when the leaves spun in clouds of red,
Wishes in the month of October,

Your golden hair was tangled around my arm,
Your blue eyes are as happy as ever,
We lay together before a movie screen,
I could stay here forever,

I am an average girl,
Brown eyes and brown hair,
With wishes like any other,
Often oblivious and unaware,

You, my dear, are amazing,
Extraordinary in every way,
How could I not fall in love with you,
The person who makes my mind fog and my heart float and stray.
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