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Rated: E · Short Story · Dark · #2261792
Held captive--for now!
For Now!
WC 264

“Where are you going?” the guard asks.

“Nowhere,” Jamie answers.

Did you think you could escape?”

The guard shakes him. Jamie does not resist.

“I’m not trying to. I know the penalty?” Jamie says.

“What is the penalty?”

The guard bends Jamie’s arm behind his back. Jamie winces.

“Death, sir.”

“Then where were you going?”

The guard pushes him toward the cellblock. Jamie dares not resist.

“Nowhere! Honest!”

“Well, no, because I caught you!”

I sit in our cell listening to the guard taunt my brother, helpless to stop it. I want to rip that smirk from the demon’s face, but I know that is not possible—for now.

Jamie tried to break out while in the exercise yard. He will be dragged back to this cage and not be allowed to leave ever again. Or until we are rescued, or escape. Both seem like dreams--for now.

Before the war, we were a happy family, Mom and Dad, Jamie, and me. But then the enemy ravaged our city; my brother and I were taken to this prison camp, and my parents were, more than likely killed; we never heard from them--or of them--again.

We need a plan, not just a helter-skelter escape attempt.

I have that plan!

Once I figure out how to pick this lock, Jamie and I will be gone. This God-forsaken place will be a bitter memory.

Until then, when one of the demons asks me where I am going, I will say, “Nowhere.”

But, under my breath, I will add, “For now.”
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