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ACT 5 - Magical seat cushions fight for their sitter against a growing threat "Pain".
In Chloe's room.

"Hey, Cus. Why don't you like your Queen?" Chloe asks.

"I don't want to talk about it." he crosses his arms.

"I'm about to stream live in a minute. If you don't tell me now prepare to forever hold your peace...Or at least until I'm done gaming." she blushes.

"Hey, I like to win just as much as you do Sitter Chloe. But don't we have Sitters to recruit?" the red cushion says.

"My gaming will bring in lots of eyes. Especially as I attempt to beat the record for Zombie Run. It's a game where players try to survive the longest without get killed by the undead. Record is twelve hours. When I beat it, the stream will go viral. And that's when I will promote the cushions. We will have more bums than we know what to do with." she laughs.

"Twelve hours... That's a long sit time." Cus voice is with concern.

"I thought you cushions like to get sit on?" The gamer says.

"We do. But it still is hard work. Getting squished by the Sitters makes us stronger but it also comes at a price. It's like having a great workout. You're pumped but at the same time your in pain. You get stronger but it took some suffering to get there." Cus explains.

"I didn't know that. We can try something else.' she suggest.

Cus hops onto her gaming chair and lays on his back. Staring at the ceiling fan spin. "This is necessary. Being uncomfortable is how we grow. And I want to be at my best to protect you and save your dad." Don't worry about my end. Just focus on crushing that record. We are undefeated remember." as he smirks.

"You got it!" Chloe looks determine and sits down on Cus with authority.

Meanwhile at the police station

Detective Martinez dumps out a bunch of usbs.

"We have hours upon hours of surveillance footage to look at. Can I trust you to watch my backside through it all." She jokes.

"Forgive me Sitter Elyssa. But I have a dry sense of humor." Shi says with seriousness.

"Live a little. Don't forget this is what I do. We will get to the bottom of this." Elyssa assures her blue cushion.

"Your optimism intrigues me." Shi responds.

"Can I ask you something before we get started? You mentioned the reason I finished my report was due to the fact of you. Can you explain that to me."

"Certainly. But then we must not waste anymore time. When we are together we become connected. One. You can say. Are minds intertwine. So we share our thoughts and expertise." What I did was a little of what I can do. The longer you rest on me the more our body mesh and become a whole."

"So we can read each others thoughts..." Elyssa says.

"I'm sure combined thoughts are just the beginning. But I have no factual evidence to back this up of course. But I assure you that you are never alone."

Shi dusts off her seat cushion and settles in. The Detective Martinez nods and situates herself on top of Shi.

Meanwhile at Dr. Toast office.

"Motherhood must be an amazing feeling." Dr. Toast flatters her patient. "But don't forget that mommy has to be in good health to raise this handsome little boy." she says giving the little boy a lollipop as her last appointment of the day leaves her office.

" These back pain complaints are getting worse." She tells On. I mean I am happy business is booming but I'm booked for the rest of the month." She scribbles in her calendar. "I'm beat."

"Don't forget to take care of yourself too Sitter Claudia. I wouldn't want the same to happen to you." On says.

"I've been on and off of you all day my little one. There is never enough with you is there." The doctor smiles as she pulls the lollipop out of Ons mouth. "These are for the kids."

Ons eyes begin to water. Before he can whine Dr. Toast butt slams down on him and settles herself. Muffles can be heard.

"Now, now, now. The water works aren't going to work on me this time."

Claudia slides On from under her and holds him in her hands. "Ugh I can't say no to you." Go on. I know you know where the candies are."

On wiggles out of her hands and darts to the bowl of sweets.

Dr. Toast gets a text message from one of her colleagues a towns away. It read. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS! FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. MEET MY AT MY LAB. ASAP. - DR. HOLLY.

"On. You might want to pack those treats to go. We are going on a road trip." Claudia says eagerly.

"Yay! More sit time!" On cheers.

"Careful what you wish for my adorable cushion. The train ride will take five hours. But that is plenty of time to get some of my research done and give you some time to energy up."


At the train station

"The East Train is now boarding." The intercom announces.

Claudia with On strap around her waste like a fanny pack make their way onto the train.

"It's really packed in here." She comments.

"We better keep a look out for any Pains." Suggest On. "

"Good call. People are more susceptible to fatigue and stress here. Traveling is always exhausting." The sitter mentions.

Dr. Toast finds her seat and places On on the train seat. "You comfy?" She ask.

"Just a little cold Sitter Claudia."

"Don't worry my body heat will keep you nice a toasty." She reassures him.

Before she can sit on him, a very tall lanky man walks into the private cabin.

"You must be my travel buddy." Claudia says with a warm smile.

The tall man shoots her a freighting stare. And tries to fit himself into the tiny train seat.

On and the Doctor communicate non verbally to one another. Knowing something isn't right. Before she rest on her green cushion friend.

Dr. Toast is a few pages into her research when the mysterious man speaks.

"That's a odd looking cushion you are sitting on right now."

"Yes, it is very untraditional, However, I must admit it's the most comfortable seat I have ever sat on." She replies.

"Kind of looked like it had a face. With expressions."

Claudia tenses up. "I assure you sir it's just a good old fashion stuffed piece to sit on."

"Extra stuffed." He snickers." You must be extra cozy." The tall man tilts his head in a very ere way.

"Forgive me. I really have so much work to finish before my stop."

The lights in the train begin to flicker. A loud boom comes from the engine room. The train slowly comes to a halt.

"Guess you got all the time in the world now." The menacing man continues.

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