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Rated: E · Fiction · Mystery · #2261980
A short story about Bea, Megan and Neil
Every once in awhile Bea, Megan, and Neil stumble onto a new adventure. This is just the way one more is starting.

A short Bea, Megan, and Neil story (Prey Haven, The Hideaway) by Apondia

"Good morning. How was your night?", Megan stood by the counter stirring a pot of hot oatmeal.

Personally, I’m not a fan of cooked oatmeal but, Megan seems to be able to eat a batch of it any time of day. On the other hand I make a mean batch of baked oatmeal containing all kinds of nuts and dried fruits. It’s a case of eating styles.

"I came in from the barn late. The boarding mare from Green Leaf farm foaled last night. A sweet little filly with lots of get up and go. She was on her feet feeding and then jumping around in the stall like she had been out and about for a couple months; while I was putting down fresh straw bedding, water and a special oat feeding for the mom. Is this this morning mail?"

As I stirred through a batch of envelopes laying on the kitchen bar, where we eat. I slid into one of the stools.

"Yes. It’s the daily batch of burnable litter, that keeps the postal service in business." Megan stated as she waved the wooden stir spoon in the air dripping oatmeal on the counter top.

"What’s this? It’s addressed to me from a law firm?" I questioned? As I slipped a table knife into the crease of the top at the envelope.

"Ugh! Don’t use that knife to butter toast." I looked up at Megan, who was wrinkling her nose at me. Then, pulled out sheets of white letter size paper.

The Letter:

Dear Bea:

This letter is to advise you of a possible change in the legal property ownership of “Prey Haven.” Your Aunt Mage, who is it’s most recent owner is enquiring as to whether you could be encouraged to assume ownership as she is now elderly and wishes to assure a family member to take it over upon her demise.

Mage realizes you may not have a working knowledge of the properties history. As a result our law firm has been hired to advise you of the properties historical value.

1. A male person who was your ancestor left a ship that docked in Florida. Sometime in the 1700’s. He wandered up the East Coast using the name James Appleton, Eventually he laid claim to a large track of land inland residing in what we consider the Eastern part of the USA. After taking possession, he built a small cabin and established a kind of barrier to the property to which, he laid claim . it was a lot of wild country at the time and no one else seemed to care. He sent to England, a message to his brother, about his fortunate literal land fall.

Appleton named the property “Prey Haven.” It seems you have ancestors who often needed a place to run in extreme circumstances. A property, that would always be a Haven no matter what trouble your ancestor may have been experiencing. So, over the years Prey Haven has been visited by brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts and others of your family. Always by blood relatives you may or may not recognize as your own.

Prey Haven has grown over the years into a true Haven but, still always fully owned by only one person. A blood member of the family line. Mage and her mother who owned the Haven before her have made extensive modernization to the property. It is situated within the confines of a true wilderness property. The house has only one access road a mile or more from civilized roads. It is surrounded by wooded areas with only a few harvest fields and a large lawn cleared. There is a machinery barn and stable as well as the house. Now, because the last three owners were diligent in upkeep, the property has evolved with solar and wind energy and it’s own tower that brings satellite and WIFI technology giving the family an ability to live off the grid.

After all this you are wondering why you may be in line to inherit the property. Because you, of all your relatives have an ability to work with and maintain horses. Also, if you are willing to access this situation you have to realize that within your lifetime you will have to have an open arms value to anyone in the present family, who may have need to retreat to the property for a time, when they are under duress or distress or just a vacation.

Enclosed you will find my number. If you will consider Mages request to visit the property and study the history of the family simply call us. We will make it financially possible for you to come here with one other visitor. This may seem to you, an insincere missile of information or a joke. I assure you it is not. Your family is calling on you for a life time commitment. Please consider our sincerity and even if you are not willing to under take the commitment to the family and to Prey Haven? Come to visit just as your family heritage entitles you. You will not be sorry you took the time to look into this offer.

Very Sincerely,

"Then it is signed with a seal, telephone number, and signature of the Law firm."

Megan had stopped eating as I read this incredible letter. Now she enquired? "Do you think it’s real or just some prank?"

"Oh! it’s real all right. My mother told me about Prey Haven. It’s called that for a reason. She even left me a way in her will to contact family members I don’t even know, who could help me get there, if I ever needed to get away from life for a few days. She encouraged me to visit it sometime just to acquaint myself with it but, I never did."

Are you going to go now?

" Yep. And you are going with me? I’ll make the arrangements. Neil can take care of the stable for a couple weeks. I'll get him to call his friend George. They can stay in the house while we are gone."

"OK. Did you call Green Leaf Farm about their new member?"

"Not yet. Make the call for me OK?"

"Sure as soon as I go visit the new filly."

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