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50 50 chance at surviving open heart surgery.
My scars represent

the scariest time in my life

When darkness consumed

And extinguished my light

Further down, I spiraled

My memory was gone

I didn’t know if I existed

And if I did, I was alone

Cocooned in an abyss

Comforted by death

Snuggled into their hold

No need for breath

Like that, I lay

Floating on air

Surrounded by blackness

Completely unaware

In my scariest moments

Little did I know

The light was right there

Leading me back home

“Come back, darling girl

Your family awaits

Your friends repeat prayers

Like their own mantra of grace”

“Your work is not done here

We need you awake

We need you to heal

For all their sakes.”

Eyes wide open

Bright lights all around

But wait, I can’t move

I can’t even make a sound

Confusion and pain danced

A tango of feelings

Nothing felt familiar

My mind was still reeling

Even in the dark

These scars created light

“Welcome back, Miss Nikks,

You put up one hell of a fight.”
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