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Daily Flash Fiction 11/16/21 W/C 196

Morning Letter

The morning letter came a little late today. Too late to take action. It required action by 10 AM per the agreement. So I had the day off.

What a better way to spend a day off then to go fly fishing, I thought. So all the gear gathered and the car loaded, we set off. Mitzi, Blondie, Hoppy and I. All was fine and dandy til we hit the river.

Mitzi wanted to go upstream. Blondie chose downstream. Hoppy is always content to stay near shore. I grabbed the reel, my lures and waded into rushing water. Trout were not biting since the dogs run amok.

Mitzi chased them downstream. Blondie chased them upstream. Hoppy barked at squirrels. I stood firm in the rapids. The fly flew through the air, landed in a still pool. Trout stood firm in the water there. I could see them floating just below the surface of the crystal clear water.

All four of us played this game until the sun flew behind the mountain. We then loaded the car, drove back home. A meal ends our day as we wait for the morning letter to come tomorrow.

W/C 196

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