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A strange woman steps out of a portal - A year later she becomes an influentual figure
The Legend of Neyrela

Chapter One

London December 2019

A woman stepped out of a portal. She is tall and slender with long black hair down past her shoulders and deep blue eyes. Her skin was as pale as death, bare-footed and naked. Her well-toned body and perky breasts glistened in the pale moonlight. Though an icy wind blew snow flurries from the night sky, the woman did not feel the cold. As the portal vanished behind her, she calmly looked around, taking in her surroundings with eyes that could see into the darkest corners and ears that could pick up the faintest sound. She moved purposely, hearing the sounds of a life and death struggle nearby. The streets were empty and dimly lit. A blanket of snow covered the ground, and a fog descended. The woman turned on to a narrow lane ahead a figure of a man scurried away, a sharp knife in one hand covered in and dripping blood. The woman looked on dispassionately as she took a few more steps. A body lay face down on the ground.

The woman knelt down, turning the body over to reveal a young woman raped and stabbed several times in the chest. Most of the wounds were none fatal and appeared to be meant to immobilise and cause maximum pain. The wound that finally killed the victim was a reasonably accurate thrust to the heart. She concluded the killer enjoyed causing pain which probably fed his lust. The killer finished the victim after sating himself with the stab to her heart. As she surveyed the scene, the victim’s lifeblood ebbed away. Mingling with the snow-covered cold ground. She surmised that this wasn’t the killer’s first victim, nor likely would it be his last. The body’s clothes were too torn and bloodstained to be of any use. However, the victim wore a heavy woollen coat with only a few blood stains inside. Clothes would be needed to fit in. She took the coat and shoes, the coat covering her nakedness and the shoes, though ill-fitted, gave her feet some protection. “Humans are pathetic. How they managed to survive this long is beyond belief. Still, this killer at least would fit in well in my world. If our paths cross again, I’ll be sure to send him there,” The woman said in a low voice with a brief but mocking smile.

Present-day – Office of “Hawbrite Private Investigations”

Jack Hawbrite sat at his desk reading the morning paper. On the front page headlined was a murder of a young woman. Jack read the article carefully, putting the paper down. He picked up the mug of steaming tea and took a sip while lost in thought. He was sure this was the same serial murderer from two years ago. It followed the same pattern as before. Young women were raped and stabbed multiple times in the chest and abdomen. If the killer followed in the same way, he would kill twice more before disappearing again. He took another sip of his tea, putting the mug down. He gave his secretary a cold stare.

“Did you put sugar in my tea again, Sophia? How many times have I told you no sugar.”

Sophia looked from her laptop with a look calculated to make her seem repentant “Sorry, boss, I’ll remember next time,” she said demurely.

Jack sighed, glancing at his secretary. Sophia had been working for him for a few months now and still couldn’t remember he didn’t take sugar in his tea. He stood, walked over to the sink, and emptied his mug. Jack got himself another tea bag and made himself a cup of tea, sitting back at his desk. He took a few sips savouring the bitter unsweetened taste. Jack was down to the dregs when someone knocked on the office door. He looked at Sophia meaningfully; she sighed, standing she answered the door as Jack looked on. An exotic looking woman entered dressed in red with a hat like a sombrero decorated with a single artificial red rose at the front. Her long black hair stood out in striking contrast to her outfit. Her beauty almost took his breath away. He heard tales about her, but this was his first time meeting her in person. It had only been a year ago since he started to hear about her. Yet, she came to own a nightclub and several other bars within that time. She was investigated by the police twice for drugs and prostitution, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. Everything she did was on the face of it within the law. Jack knew that many people believed some in the police force were on her payroll.

The woman stopped at the other side of Jack’s desk. She gave him a beguiling smile watching him swallow hard, feeling uncomfortable in her presence. She was well aware of her effect on men and used it to her advantage. Jack Hawbrite was average looking with fair hair cut short. Grey eyes, a small nose, thick lips and a smooth, clean jaw. He was dressed in grey trousers and brown shoes with a pale blue shirt and a waistcoat matching his pants. There was something about Jack Hawbrite that intrigued her, however. She could see behind the facade to the real man underneath. Jack Hawbrite was more intelligent than most men she had met before, shrewd, cautious and a deep thinker.

Jack gaped at her clearing his throat before speaking. “Erm, how can I help you, erm miss...?”

“Neyrela.” She replied.


“Just Neyrela... and it’s what we can do for each other,” she said.

“Pardon? What we can do for each other.”

Neyrela glanced at the newspaper on the desk, reaching for and pointing to the headline about the murder. “The woman murdered was one of my girls. Let’s catch the bastard, you and I. I know you know a lot about this murderer and his habits. You want to catch him as much as I do.”

Jack was taken aback. His mouth fell open as his gaze fixed on Neyrela. Composing himself, thinking she must be insane. He struggled for a suitable reply. “Ah...Wouldn’t it be better to let the police handle it? In any case, how would you propose we catch this murderer? Assuming I would want to help you.”

Neyrela lent over the desk, putting her face close to Jack’s, staring into his eyes unblinking and gave a whimsical smile. She laughed, seeing him blush and lean back. “Can’t you guess how? What man can resist my charms.” She said in a seductive tone.

For a moment, Jack felt totally mesmerised by Neyrela. He came to himself shakily. He wanted nothing to do with this woman. She was clearly mad and would likely get herself killed by the murderer. “Sorry, I can’t help you. It is a police matter now, even if I decided to help. It would be too dangerous if I’m to believe what you are proposing is to offer yourself as bait... erm, miss Neyrela.”

Neyrela put a finger to her lips then pointed at Jack. “Humm clever you but a pity I think we would work well together. Guess I’ll have to catch that piece of shit by myself. It would have been quicker with your help.” Neyrela turned without another word and left.

Chapter Two

Jack sat in his chair, stroking his forehead with a finger and thumb. Whichever way he thought about it there was something dangerous about Neyrela. She was too carefree in her attitude about catching a serial murderer. He looked up, realising Sophia was talking. “What?”

“I said that woman was a bit weird. She was joking about catching that murderer, right. So vulgar as well. Though come to think of it though, I like her no-nonsense attitude.”

Jack chewed his bottom lip a moment. “Sophia, see what you can dig up on her on the net. Even the smallest detail. Everything that she has been doing for the past year or so.If she so much as sneezed, I want to know about it.”

Sophia rubbed her hands together, raising her shoulders. She wasn’t a great secretary but had been a computer whiz kid and a hacker before working for Jack. “Yes, Boss.” She hunkered down over the laptop and began typing.

Jack suddenly got to his feet and rushed to the door opening it expecting someone to be there. He stared down an empty corridor for a minute. Jack shrugged his shoulders; closing the door, he returned to his desk.

Neyrela silently lowered herself to the floor and smiled. She overheard the conversation with the secretary. Still smiling, she took the stairs to the ground floor. Waiting in her car not far from the building where Jack’s office was. It was not far from dusk when Jack emerged. She waited for him to get in his car and drive off. She followed him, keeping a safe distance behind. Neyrela really wished Jack had agreed to work with her to find the killer. She knew nothing about the habits and minds of criminals. Or how to obtain evidence from murder scenes. She only knew her way of doing things, which usually ended poorly for anyone who objected or stood in her way. That was one reason she had come so far in such a short time. Jack drove close to the scene of the murder, parking his car on a side street. He walked the rest of the way on foot. Neyrela followed, staying in the shadows. She watched closely as he studied the crime scene for five minutes. Jack’s next stop was predictable. Her night club “Satan’s Den.” It amused Neyrela to name it so. Subtly, wasn’t in her dictionary. It was a part of Neyrela’s nature; to speak forthrightly and be uncaring in whom she upset or offended.

Satan’s Den was a three-story warehouse converted and modernised situated on the outskirts but within easy reach to all parts of the city. Many high ranking officials and celebrities secretly visited the club. While Jack found a place to park, Neyrela drove around the back of the building to the private parking space. She entered by the rear entrance and spoke to the barman and two servers before Jack entered. Neyrela secretly observed Jack as he bought a drink and casually asked a few questions.

The following morning Jack came late to the office. “Morning, Sophia.” He made himself a cup of tea before sitting at his desk. “So, what have you found out about the nightclub owner?” He asked, taking a long sip of tea and putting the mug on the desk. He looked across at his secretary and yawned.

“Morning boss, Well, you know most of it already. She started as one of the girls just over a year ago. She quickly became the previous owner’s favourite, a notorious gangster. The strange thing is he suddenly disappeared, and she took over. Also, there were a few other strange disappearances of notable gangsters around the same time.”

Jack pursed his lips, thinking, “So, you mentioned the other disappearances because?”

Sophia gave Jack an exasperated look, “You know what I mean. There may be a connection with Neyrela and the disappearances.”

Jack leant back in his chair and nodded his head slowly. “Possibly, what do these disappearances have to do with Neyrela and the recent murder case? That is the question.” He took another drink of tea.

Sophia stroked her blonde hair and sighed. “Well, Neyrela is sure a strange one. Do you think she really meant it about catching the killer, I mean? She seemed determined she must be joking, right? Otherwise, she is either insane or maybe just plain stupid.”

“Or there is something about her we don’t know that makes her confident she can catch the killer,” Jack said.

Sophia frowned, “Like what, boss?”

Jack put his mug down, coming to a decision. “I don’t know as yet. Anyway, we haven’t any other cases at the moment, have we?”

Sophia shook her head. “No, it’s all quiet, boss.”

After lunch, Jack went to see Neyrela the club wasn’t open. A tall, bearded man answered the door after Jack knocked several times. “What do you want? We aren’t open yet,” the man asked gruffly.

“Is miss Neyrela in? The name is Jack Hawbrite. I have some information for her,” Jack answered.

The man closed the door without another word. Jack waited patiently for a few minutes before, Neyrela came to the door. Her smile was as beguiling as ever as she showed Jack to a large sitting room. Jack glanced around the room at the luxurious furnishings and fittings. An unusual painting hung on the far wall caught his attention. It seemed to be a fantasy artwork showing a scantily dressed woman with a tail and wings.

“Do you like it? I’m a fan of fantasy artwork,” Neyrela smiled demurely, pleased that Jack seemed to like the painting.

“Isnt’she supposed to be a...”

“A succubus, yes amusing, isn’t” Neyrela interrupted

“It is unusual. I wasn’t expecting you to like that sort of thing.” Jack answered, feeling a little awkward.

“Shall I make some tea, or would you like something stronger then you can tell me what brings you here.”

Later, Jack returned to the office after relating his suspicions about where the murderer might strike next. He felt sure the killer would strike again within a day or two. He advised Neyrela not to get involved, but he knew she would not heed his advice, so he intended to keep a close eye on her.

She walked alone down a deserted street. The night was cold, the wind even more frigid, and a pale moon briefly appeared in a grey sky. Her footsteps sounded loud on the cobbled footpath. Neyrela was dressed all in black. She smiled; knowing some ways back Jack followed. She spotted him almost from the start. Her keen hearing picked up footsteps much closer than Jack. She stopped half-turning, licking her lips. She smiled in anticipation turning back and continued walking, this time even more slowly. Suddenly from behind, an arm grabbed her by the throat, pulling her backwards, Before her assailant could wrestle her to the ground. Neyrela calmly reached for the arm, twisted herself free, she turned to face her would-be killer. He was stockily built, dressed in drab grey clothing with a hooked nose and beady lecherous eyes. He froze, staring at the nightmarish being before him. Neyrela was shrouded in darkness with short backwards-curling horns on her head and eyes like burning coals. Four tentacle-like appendages extended from her back and writhed menacingly with long sharp claws for hands and feet. The killer’s eyes were wide, his mouth fell open, the knife dropped from his fingers, terror-stricken he wet himself. Unable to move, caught in Neyrela’s mesmerising stare.

“Ah, I see you recognise me. It takes one to know one, so they say, but when it comes to monsters, you are very low in the pecking order compared to me,” Neyrela hissed. She slashed his face open, blood trickled down over his cheeks, and chin Neyrela leaned close and licked the blood from his face, savouring it. She ripped his clothing to reveal his bare chest, a long-clawed hand tore his chest open. She reached in and pulled out his heart; blood fountained and spurted over him. The lifeless body fell to the ground as Neyrela ate the heart.

Neyrela melted into the shadows; hearing Jack approach, she watched as he discovered the body. She continued to observe him as he scanned the surrounding area. His gaze passed over where she hid in the shadows before he turned back to the scene before him. She could see his shocked expression at the grizzly sight. Silently Neyrela left, heading home on foot, reflecting on past events that led her to this reality. Neyrela had been cast out from her world to wander through many worlds and dimensions for centuries. Neyrela had become legendary in many alternate realities. In this reality, she was already well on her way to becoming a legend.

England a republic the monarchy cast down after Queen Victoria died in this reality. The government a coalition of several parties. Many in the government were corrupt, which suited Neyrela’s needs fine. Although the gap between the rich and poor far the widest, she experienced in any previous reality. That troubled her for some reason. Neyrela felt sympathy towards the poor and weak. Despite having little or no emotions and having also exploited them in the past. Neyrela couldn’t say why she felt as she did. It was certainly not like her race to feel pity for anyone, and it was one reason why she had been cast out. Her world was known across many dimensions by different names and feared in all. The most common name it was known by was Hell.

Chapter Three

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