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Daily Flash Fiction 11/18/21 W/C 297

Majority Rules

Five sat around a campfire. The flames were dying into deep red embers. Sparks flew into a black night as pops and cracks told of settling logs. The five drew closer to the dwindling heat source.

“What’s going on here?” Jason asked.

Five heads swiveled to find the source of the questions, then turned back to the fire.

“What’s going on here? Didn’t you hear me?” Jason stepped closer.

“We heard you. We’re concentrating. Either join us or leave.”

Jason stood nearby for a few moments. There was no sound beyond the fire crackling.

“Again I ask, what’s going on here?”

Five heads again swiveled toward Jason, then back to the fire.

Suddenly from the black forest sprang a figure who tackled Jason, causing him to fall into the fire. His screams lasted several moments to slowly become whispers eaten by the flames.

“Thanks. He was annoying. We need to concentrate.”

George grunted assignation as he shuffled back to the black forest.

“The family meeting will recommence. All in favor of item #1?” asked the leader.

Five hands raised.

“Motion is carried. Now, item #2 is before us. This gives us the go-ahead to consult the mother. All in favor?”

Again, five hands were raised.

“Item #3 gives me power for the family. I will forever make all decisions. All in favor?”

One hand raised.

“We need a unanimous decision per the rules.”

George came and tackled leader, who fell into the fire where it roared to life with that addition of new fuel.

“Now we need another member. Even numbers can’t break a tied vote.” Heather now addressed the quartet.

“All vote in favor of adding cousin.”

Four hands were raised.

“Cousin is added.”

George came from the forest, took a seat near the fire.

W/C 297
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