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Daily Flash Fiction 11/24/21 W/C 150


It was a struggle, but we made it. The cabin is secluded, back in the woods beyond the ranch.

Hugh had a hard time keeping up in the snow, but perhaps that had something to do with the handcuffs. But how else was I to be sure he wouldn’t run off?

“Get inside. I’ll light some lanterns. Just stand in the middle of the room.”

Hugh said nothing, did as he was told. He breathed heavily, perhaps that was because we’d just hiked five miles.

After I got the lamps going, I secured Hugh. Five miles of hiking and I felt tired as well. But I wasn’t finished.

“Alright, you worthless worm. Stand right here. Right on this rug. I don’t want you damaging anything in the cabin.”

Hugh shuffled to the rug.

“You have the right to remain silent,” I pronounced to Hugh the moment before I pulled the trigger.

W/C 151

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