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My fan-fiction sequel to Tangerine and Crusader by Edward Bloor
Here is my introduction. I am planning to write more, but I hope you enjoy it.

Edward Bloor wrote Tangerine in 1997. He followed it up with Crusader in 1999. I was hoping given everything that has happened in Tangerine, characters would reappear, but that did not happen, unfortunately, so I decided to merge characters. It was a few weeks after Paul Fisher started St. Anthony’s. Paul has made some friends, but not many. It was almost Christmas and Paul did not want to go home considering that Erik might ruin it. Paul received a phone call. “Paul” his mother said crying, “Your brother was sent to juvenile prison, I was hoping we could have spent Christmas together one last time as a family.” Paul then started having his lengthy conversation.

“You are only concerned with Erik, have you even been wondering how I have been doing? Someone could be digging me into a hole or punching the daylights out of me, much like what has already happened, do not be so pitiful if you do feel terrible.” Mom exasperated, “Paul Fisher, both your father and I are truly sorry about what happened. We should have been tough on Erik, we should have been more concerned for you, and if you are referring to the sinkhole, we should have asked you whether or not you were alright, but no parent is perfect. Regardless Paul, you are our son and both Dad and I love you. It is true we wanted you not to hate your brother, but we did not want you ending up hating yourself, I did not anyway.” She continued, “Paul, please, we need to spend Christmas together if things will only get worse.” “That is funny” I replied, “You did not spend Thanksgiving with me, no one even thought of checking in on me; it seems to me that you almost do not want me to be a part of this family, considering you sent me to a private school and all.” “Paul” she said sounding almost annoyed, “Of course, you are family. You are my son, both you and Erik are our sons, and always will be, and matter of fact, I did check on you, actually, a few times to see if you wanted to have dinner with us, but you were sleeping, and since you were sick, we did not want to bother you. For Pete’s sake, you were sick for six days!” She took a pause, sobbed softly a bit, and resumed. “Paul, please do not let what happened with your brother ruin the relationship you have with your dad and me, at least with me. I love you Paul, remember that, always have, and always will, why else among your dad, Erik, and me, would I be the closest to you. Honey, Dad and I have not been the greatest of parents, and we cannot undo what we did, but we love you both. Please, let us at least try to make things up to you.”

Before we were going to end the discussion, Mom abruptly changed the subject. “Now, have you made any friends at your school?” She asked. I pondered that a bit, I have not made almost any to be honest, perhaps a few here and there, but I did meet this interesting girl, so I answered with that. “Well, I did meet someone, a girl …” I knew Mom was smiling the way she quickly said, “Well, Paul, for Pete’s sake, who?” I was a bit intrigued myself as I did not even know her that well, but still so mysterious as if we were meant to find each other. “Roberta, Roberta Ritter” I replied, “She is a few years older than me, but not much.” “How much older” she asked, “Three years” I replied. “Well …” She thought, “Perhaps you can still be friends, oh my little boy.” Mom paused then resumed, “Ooh Roberta” as if I have finally done her proud. “Fisher and Ritter” she giggled. “Honey” she yelled out to Dad excitedly, “good news!” “It is not that big of a deal Mom and Dad” I said. “Son, we are proud of you!” I heard Dad call out over the telephone. “Oh, by the way, we have a surprise for you too!” Mom said. “We are planning to pay for eye surgery for you.” “Mom” I said excitedly. “You must be at St. Anthony, but you should at least be doing what you love doing.” She continued.
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