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Each Veteran thought our country was worth fighting for Their bravery is much appreciated!
With much regard and respect for our veterans,
Who bravely served, fighting those who threatened
The U.S. and other nations, we owe them our lives,
So why do we leave so many vets high and dry?

Some gave their limbs, some gave their lives,
They should be called celebrities, not pass them by,
Without thanking them for their pain and hardships,
Their service, given freely, are they now well-equipped?

Our prayers are with each vet, bless them with safe keeping,
It seems we’re fighting still for our freedoms that are fleeing,
What are the veterans thinking, a world that's in such a mess?
Their fighting is done, but our constitution is now in distress.

It’s the people’s turn to fight, for our freedoms we must win!
Our country is worth it, as each soldier knows, so gather in,
Let’s protest large government tyranny, push back once again,
With words, not with guns, we have a choice to make, "Amen!"

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