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by Ann69
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A young lady finds a new home and a past love.
Moving to Oak Bluffs, MA was the best decision I ever made. Population 4,700, and the people are warm and friendly. Quite a difference from Detroit.

My first night was spent at The Oak Bluffs Inn on Circuit Avenue. It was located in a perfect area. The beach, harbor, and shops were all close by.

I decided to head for the beach because it was such a warm, sunny day. The sand felt soft and comforting, and people were arriving to spend the day with family and friends. Instantly, I knew how much I would love it here.

Thinking about my plans for the future, I looked up, and there he was. He glanced at me, and it was as though we had already known each other. He simply smiled and reached out his hand. I don’t know what made me take it, but that touch shot sparks through me. “Jen” he said, with a glistening smile, “I’ve been searching for you.” Wait! What did he just say, and how did he know my name? He did look quite familiar now, but how could this be? I felt completely drawn to him. He then said, “Give yourself time, and you will remember.” Remember? His name was Joshua and what would I remember? When he spoke, he had a familiar twinkle in his eyes. I could read his thoughts and was able to complete his sentences before he finished speaking.

We grew closer each day and spent most of our time together. I hadn't found a job yet, so was totally free (for now). He came here in search of something. What, I wasn't sure of, but when I wasn’t with him, I felt like I lost a piece of my heart. We had dinner each night that ended with romantic walks on the beach. Who was he, and how could one man sweep me completely off my feet like this?

Weeks passed, and I found a quaint little apartment on Chop Drive, called East Chop Harbor Front Apartments. I had a balcony that came with a view of the ocean. In the early morning hours, I could see the sun rise and the dolphins jumping at a distance. For once in my life, I was totally happy.

My phone rang and I knew who it was before answering. Like I said, the connection was very special. Like nothing I had ever felt before. We spoke for a bit and the sound of his voice was made me smile, and it started off the day with a special glow.

We had dinner that night, and as I looked into his deep blue eyes, I could almost see someone else. What a strange feeling. He just smiled and said, “You’re getting there.” He walked me home and kissed me goodnight. A kiss that sent my head spinning. We made plans to see each other for lunch the next day, and he left for the evening. I was so very tired, that I just crawled into bed and fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly, there was this man standing in front of a fireplace. His hair was parted down the middle and he had a mustache. He was speaking to someone sitting in a chair in front of him. She was crying and I felt extremely sad for her, when suddenly, I realized that she was…..me!! He was telling me he had to leave and we could no longer be together. His eyes were a piercing blue . As he walked past me to leave, he patted his hand on my arm. I woke up sweating, and couldn’t imagine what had just happened. This dream was in a completely different era. Perhaps the later 1800’s.

When I met Joshua for lunch that day, I was looking at him through different eyes. I knew now that he was my soulmate and that era was us in a different lifetime. He left me because he was married and could not leave his wife because of their children. They were very young and he believed they needed his support, guidance and total love, as all young children do. Josh smiled at me and said, “You remember. I said I would find you again, and here we are.” He patted me on the arm, leaned across the table and gently kissed me. I found my soulmate here in Oak Bluffs, MA.
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