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A place where we will live after death
There is a place, my true abode
where we live without mortality and corrode
Wherever I see there innocence resides
Even the smallest animals take long-long strides

Takes place no pandemic or mayhem
There takes place no fight for emblem
It is a place where there is no lust or greed
There is no use of alcohol drugs or weed

Every home is there forever
With love and joy that finishes never
They utter no word false for anyone
and have no machete, sword, bomb or gun

I sit on my throne of the king
Every wish of people into reality I bring
Treachery my people have never known
Everywhere everything belongs to them, their own

All seasons do change in every lane
There are all enjoyable as they feel no pain
In summer, Morning is orange, evening purple and night is blue
In winter temperature alter their range, but they suffer no flue

I may not live long on here on our mother earth
But to rid the evil I will keep on taking birth
If you do not get a chance to meet me and stand by my side
We are sure to meet in Purple Paradise where our kingdom resides

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