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A demented Santa tries to work out why he named his top twelve elves.
"OK, you are my top twelve Elves. Our work is done and we are ready to go and deliver the presents but why are you lined up like this in front of me?"

"Mr. Klaus, we know dementia has stolen some of your memories but you should remember that every year you ask us to stand like this in front of you, tallest at one end and shortest at the other."

"Right and I guess I also told you to wear those silly Christmas sweaters as well?"

"Yes, Mr. Klaus, each one of the sweaters contains the first letter of our names."

"OK tell me your names, maybe it will jog my memory as to why you are all gathered here like this."













"OK, that did not help, my mind is still a blank. No, wait your names spell something. DontforgetMK. Don't forget MK. But who is MK? Dobbin do you have any ideas?"

"Mrs. Klaus, MK is Mrs. Klaus, your wife sir."

"Oh bother, I forgot to get my wife something for Christmas."

"It is OK sir we have the gift right here."

"And that is why you are my top twelve Elves."

"Exactly Mr. Klaus."

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