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A little boy makes a discovery in his new yard.
Sammy's Peepdots

My son was kneeling in our new backyard with his little five-year-old face pressed against the grass. We had recently moved here, and he was still exploring. Tennessee is so different from Arizona. Our yard in Phoenix was wall-to-wall stones; this yard is lush green grass.

What are you doing, Sammy?


What are you looking at?”

“I'm watching the peepdots, Mommy.”

“The peepdots?”

“The tiny people,” he said.

Sammy has a vivid imagination. I try not to stifle it.

Every day Sammy went out and observed his peepdots.

The leaves began to fall, and I knew that Sammy would have to stop peepdotting until Spring. He knew it, too.

“Mommy,” he said as he tapped my hand. "We have to cover the hole, or the peepdots will get cold and snowy."

The next day, after the bus picked him up for kindergarten and just before I covered the grassy spot with a steppingstone, I spread the blades of grass.

There was a hole! I peeked.

I could not believe my eyes! Down below, I saw tiny people living in a community. Real live peepdots! There were miniature houses and roads, green grass, blue sky...

I have no idea how this is possible, but I can hardly wait until Spring.
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