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A hellion meets a woman who changes his life
The prompt


My life was nothing to me, once.
Drugs and booze and stupid stunts
That staked my life and risked my hide--
So many times I almost died.

Life’s joy was nothing I could see;
Uncaring dark surrounded me.
No hope, no love, no absolution.
All I saw was eye pollution.

Into my life came Adrienne
My eyes were somehow opened then
To see her glowing like a flame.
Amazing! Heaven had a name.

I tell you, she was Heaven sent
To save me from my Hell-descent
For I was doomed to crash and burn
Until she helped my light return.

My stars are shining brightly now
And I have made a solemn vow
To walk in light, and through God’s grace
To stay within her warm embrace.

To be the one she's thinking of,
To be a man she wants to love.

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