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What happens when you get to go on a journey of a lifetime without planning it.
The Christmas snow globe


I have a beautiful Christmas snow globe and it is one of my favorite things. The snow globe has plenty of snow in it and a little wooden cabin with a nice tall pine tree beside it. There's snow on the house and on the tree . Oh how I love my globe. I can spend hours looking into my beautiful Christmas globe. I am only ten tears old and my mom says my imagination is overly active, but I don't care. I like to just set and imagine that this little cabin in the globe is mines all mines. One night after about an hour of daydreaming about the globe my eyes grew very heavy I don't know if I fell asleep or not but when I woke up I was inside my Christmas globe. What in the world am I awake or asleep? Everything looks and feels real, I can see and feel the snow. I can see the cabin and the big tree and smell the pine.

I pinched myself ouch I think I am awake. I opened the door to the cabin and inside I stepped, there was a roaring fire in the little fireplace and every room was well decorated even though there were only 3 rooms and a cellar. There was a little table in the corner filled with cookies and meat pies and hot chocolate. I got over to the table and took one meat pie I had barely got it up to my lips when I heard footsteps. For some reason, I ran and hid in the cellar. A beautiful woman walked in dressed all in red and green with thigh-high black boots and amazingly blazing red hair. However, looks can sometimes can be deceiving because quick as a bat of an eye as she took off her coat she was transformed into her true self which was an ugly old woman with slimy black and white hair and a very thin fragile frame.
She said"glad you decided to join me for dinner my dear because I'm so hungry." Was she talking to me, how did she know I was here? I started to smack myself and pinch myself really hard because I had no intentions of being her dinner. Oh no I can't wake up or I am awake and about to be dinner.

Just then my mom saved the day she was always messing around in my room and I could hear her from the globe. She bumped the table and my globe came crashing down to the floor breaking and all of a sudden I was back in my room. I was in the closet I ran out and hugged my mom and said "thank you, oh thank you, mom, for being a snoop." She looked at me shaking her head but said nothing she picked up the broken pieces of glass and left my room. On the way out she told me how sorry she was for breaking the globe and that she would get me another. To which I said "No!" a little too loudly and passionately I guess because she kind of jumped a little at my response. Shaking her head she said nothing more and just walked out.
Whatever happened to the witch I wonder from time to time I think I hear her laughter in the middle of the night sometimes hopefully it is just my overactive imagination .


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