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I will examine the truth behind this claim and show you that it NEVER does
I'm positive you have been told this or heard it before.

Do you believe there is any truth to this claim?

Think about how you have been told this and what purpose it has for deceiving us?

What do you think about it?

Let's begin

If you have to urinate and it is 2 am while dark out and they charge you with a sexual crime forcing you to register as a sexual offender for the rest of your life, do you think that fits?

After all, there ARE TWO functions for the penis!

Put a cigarette out on the California Beach and then get a 500 dollar fine!?

It is a small barely noticeable piece of cotton, basically.
NOT glass that can cut or injure your feet.
If you bury it below the sand, how will you even know it's there?
$500 fine, fair and justified? or overkill by far?

Arsonists perhaps are the most confused by how the punishment fits the crime.
There was one who was not any criminal, since he was the only one out of the 3 that was blamed for the crime.
Also, he was such an expert in the fire arts, he ended up barely scorching an 18" area of carpet to get a good understanding of what the extent of damage was. Yet, he still faced about 2-15 years in prison for the crime.
I, for one, do not agree that even close to 15 years is warranted for the minor damage that he caused.

Now we shall consider victimless crimes. Crimes that are for some unknown reason, crimes, yet do not hurt, affect, or even known by others.

Let us examine these 3:

Trespassing - Must stipulate NO damage/vandalism, leave the area just as it was

I shall combine these into 1 possible scenario

It's a pleasant clear night of 70 degrees. Wanting a change of scenery I decide to find a vacant home with a beautiful huge backyard. I find one and head straight for the backyard. With the weather being so perfect, there is no need to wear anything when being open and free is the most comfortable way to live. Especially when wearing fake facades serves only to hide the real truthful you away from the world.
Now, I need something to do back here, so Scott gave me this stuff that he says is way better than weed and will make me feel more relaxed and even out of this world!!

Now let's agree on my punishment.
For what?
No one even saw me!
So, did anyone get hurt or rushed to the ER for some stupid reason?

Then how can you justify a negative consequence toward me?

But yes, you are right!
If they caught me, then I would go right to jail and have to worry about time cost and maybe a trial.
No one and NOthing was hurt or affected. The yard was left as found
So why is trespassing an issue?

Usually, if this occurs in public, some idiot PIG trys charging "indecent exposure"
This one not only stumps me but makes me wonder how he can charge us with a NON-valid crime.
Why NON-valid?
Glad you asked!
Listen up!
We are on both sides of the fence on this but I will straight up inform you now, there is NOTHING even close to INDECENT about something as absolutely gorgeous as our bodies!!!
Seeing BOTH versions, I can boldly without question assert it is totally beautiful!!

Then, exposure??
NO one at all saw me!!
How did I expose anything to anyone if NO one saw me?

Last, drugs!
How are you hurt by what I do to myself?
You are NOT!!
So, drugs do not hurt others. Unless the drug is in a drink, as in alcohol!
Since this impairs driving and you hurt others profusely or even end up killing someone!!!!
Street drugs usually never allow this to happen

So, recap!!

Entering another's property not hurting it or leaving it as-is will not hurt or harm it or the owner
Nudity NEVER has hurt or injured ANYONE EVER!!
and drugs?
Alcohol kills many more than hard drugs ever will.

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