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Repetition is a certainty. What we can know is only what is possible for the mind to predict. That means that knowledge is what repeats itself. That makes more sense on a micro-scale than something macro-scale. That is because we are detecting repetitions on a smaller scale. It's revealing. The human mind is clearly noticing things that repeat on smaller scales and that means there are events that occur over broader periods that the human mind must be processing. But it's always held with less certainty. Man only has a general idea as to exactly how much exposure to reality is necessary to begin to fully process ideas to their idea of completion. The idea of completion is a bit of a paradox. It is a means of understanding when things end. It extends itself into the very reason why things ended and goes on and into itself from here.

Ending as an idea is a theory on something that states that it is always occuring later. Yet, it is something only known in retrospect. This idea is advanced and so blatantly obvious at the time. The entirety is a paradox of simultaeousness. It's basis is the idea of fundamental opposing foces. That is - what is what what was. That's because what is then expands on what is now and what is now will definately expand on what will be. It's so fundamental because this is the essense of time.

Beginning is a focal point. It's not necessarily a declaration of time or space. It more states that sensibility stems from this particular point in events. That is because what is revealed is that all time is infinite and even holds cenceptually with that material as its body. It is the domains of strange strings of sensibility that can sometimes drag the debate into something full of wonder. Why ought one declare a beginning? A beginning isn't a natural occurnece necessarily. It isnt something that happened intially and it cant be something premeditated. To know what started something is an infinity. Different than the paradox of ending - which chases itself. Beginning must be born. Beginnings must be willfully decided. That is what the human faculty of sense appears to do. It demands to know what caused other things that are calling to confirm what the beginning must be. What is revealed is that every instance confirms evidence towards every other instance. Whether the instances are sensibily and reasonably related or not.

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