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12/30 flash fiction contest entry.
Prompt: includes the line, "I know you did it."
Word count: 299

Caught in the Act

“I know you did it,” I say sternly, glaring hard at the guilty party before me.

The culprit wears a guilty man’s look, alright. Shame is written in big, bold letters across his face. His conscious-stricken eyes study the tile, the wallpaper, anything but my reproachful gaze. I put my hands on my hips. The felon shrinks lower still.

Raising my voice, I inquire, “Do you think you can fool me?”

His eyes are now searching for an escape route. He makes a bold flight to my left. Stepping quickly in that direction, I intercept him and send him quivering back into the corner with a look that would raise the hair on the back of your neck.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” I demand.

A new tactic. He decides that if escape isn’t an option, he may have better luck charming his way out of the situation. His eyes grow big and shaky. He speaks to me in a voice like a whimper. I feel my determination falter.

“I suppose I do need to lose some weight anyhow,” I reason, glancing with sorrow at the empty cookie sheet on the counter behind me.

Sensing the change in my tone, the black and white piebald boxer raises his ears from their formally backward tilted position.

I frown. “But now I have to walk all the way down to the store.”

Too late do I realize that I’ve spoken the forbidden word. Before I have a chance to rescind the accidental offer, he dashes out of the kitchen in a tumult of scampering paws and excited yips. He bolts back in, leash in mouth.

I glance helplessly out the kitchen window. Then back to the panting dog at my feet. “Oh, I guess we can both go.”

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