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by Bates
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The ups and downs, the back and forth, the lost and found.
Once Upon a Kite

There's just a breath of quiet breeze
that ask the leaves to stay,
a whispering to autumn trees--
a tease for windy days.

Yet like a kite you sail--you dance,
you risk it all...then trust that chance
will heal the scars of old romance

with just a glance...a phrase.

You whirl and twirl...no course to chart--
the damaged dreams you bartered for,
were worth a hundred times my heart--
though part of it was yours…

so when you found you couldn’t steer,
as currents cooled and fought wind shear,
you shouted...though I couldn't hear,

like all those years before--

I'd reel you in and break the string,
then off you'd swing, unbound--
I can't pretend your paper wings
will bring you back around;

but give the gentle breeze a try,
unwind the string but not too high,
I stand my ground--but love to fly

the kite that I once found.
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