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by Norman
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Let's play another round
It’s too late to apologize
now that the deed’s been done.
You got me fair and square this time
and I agree you won.

But then you had to celebrate
and do that funky dance.
I guess it’s my fault that I lost.
You got another chance.

This is the tenth time in a row
but who is keeping score.
You didn’t have to laugh like that
and prance around the floor.

I know you’re only six years old
and that I am your dad
but if you win another game
then I’ll look pretty bad.

This memory game is very hard
and you have gotten good
but I can get the best of you.
At least I think I should.

It’s not supposed to be like this
‘cause I’m the adult here.
I should be winning all the games;
it isn’t really fair.

Okay, let’s set it up again,
give it another try.
Maybe you'll let me win this time
and I won't have to cry.

Game on!

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