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I still get excited when i think about this very unusual experience. I hope you like it!
When I was a freshman at UMASS I took a Psychology class. It was there that I met my friend Julie who was a Psych major. She used to help me with papers and preparing for tests. We became really good friends.

One night we were in her dorm room with two of her friends who were also Psych majors. I had only met them once or twice but I liked them. They were really nice girls. I had brought along a six-pack and so we were sitting around talking, and sipping beer. One of the girls was actually a graduate student and was versed in hypnosis. She was saying that hypnosis is only occasionally helpful in psychotherapy but is was a lot of fun to do. Then she said it can be used as a tool to help people loose inhibitions about sex.

Well, we were all very interested about that! She went on to explain about the power of hypnotic suggestion. She said that a person can me made to feel almost anything through hypnosis - even orgasm!

I was a bit skeptical. I didn't believe an orgasm could be achieved without some kind of contact but she was adamant about it - to the point where she finally said, "Do you want me to prove it to you?" Well, I didn't want to look like a chicken, so i said, "Sure!"

She told me to sit in a chair facing her. Out of her bag, she produced a Nikon Camera with which she could take movies. She asked me if I would mind if she taped the session and, not believing that anything would happen, I told her I didn't mind at all.

Then she told me to relax. She explained that I would always be in control, and that she couldn't make me do anything I didn't want to do but that i would feel very relaxed and uninhibited. She then went on about relaxing.. she said it over and over.. telling me over and over that i could feel my body going deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Well, as she promised, I never lost consciousness. I was completely aware of my surroundings, that I was in Julie's dorm room with her two friends, and that I was under hypnosis. I knew all that, but at the same time, I felt wonderfully free. I felt like I was floating - completely free and open. It was a wonderful feeling.

She told me to stand up, which I did. Then she said it was becoming warm in the room... getting hotter and hotter... I could actually feel it happening as she said it. She said my clothing was becoming uncomfortable. She told me to remove my shirt. As I did this she said that I would feel a delightful coolness on my upper body once my shirt was off... that I would feel a wonderful relief to be free of my t-shirt. It felt exactly as she said.

"You need to get rid of those pants", she said. "Your pants are so hot! You cant wait to get them off." I felt myself sweating from the waist down.

It was uncanny. I knew that I was under hypnosis. I knew that it wasn't really hot in the room. I knew that I was standing in front of Julie and her friends. But somehow that didn't matter. I quickly unzipped my jeans, pushed them to the floor, and kicked them off.

This is when it really got interesting. I was now standing in nothing but my briefs. My hypnotist kept saying how relaxed and comfortable I was feeling... how it was perfectly natural for me to be standing like this... "standing in just your little undies in front of us". She said, "You feel no shame... no embarrassment... You are aware that you are not alone in this place - that there are three women here - that we are looking at you - and you don't mind". "In fact", she said, "You are feeling good. Very good. You are enjoying the feeling of being exposed like this."

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting this. Suddenly I began to feel excited. The fact is that, because of some previous experiences, I did have a little tendency toward exhibitionism. But I had never really acted on it - at least not on purpose. Now, hypnotized or not, I was standing in my whitie-tighties in front of three girls, two of whom I hardly knew. And I was feeling more and more excited.

She went on, "As you stand here, you are beginning to feel a tightness around your anus and perineum. You want to remove your underpants. You are not ashamed. You want to remove your underpants now. You want to be naked. You need to be nude now".

As she said this I could feel the constriction down between my legs. It was a strangely pleasant feeling. But I knew I had to get rid of my underpants.

"Remove your briefs now Paul." She whispered this in my ear. I immediately obeyed. I pushed them to the floor and kicked them across the room as if I never wanted to see them again! I heard the two girls giggle when they saw this. But I didn't care. I stood completely naked now, totally on display in front of the three women in the room.

It's funny how aware I was of everything that was happening. But, at the same time, I was completely under my hypnotists control. Even she couldn't stifle a giggle at the sight of me standing naked in the middle of her friends dorm room.

The two girls watched in awe as my hypnotist continued, "You will begin to become aroused now because of your nudity. You are not embarrassed and you feel no shame. It is natural for you to be naked like this. And it is only natural that you become aroused. As my words cause you to become more and more aroused you feel no shame. You feel only pleasure - wonderful waves of pleasure".

She emphasized the word the word "pleasure" as she talked. Each time she said that word I felt like i was going to faint with sensation. It was like nothing i have ever felt before or since. The feeling was overwhelming. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. It was so very intense.

She continued, "These feelings of pleasure surge through your body - wonderful waves of pleasure - wonderful waves of pleasure enveloping your body. You abandon yourself to this feeling. You deserve to feel like this. You deserve these feelings of pure pleasure as they run through your body. You know you can let yourself feel pleasure... and you can let your penis respond to these feelings now. Concentrate on the way these feelings of pleasure originate in your genitals and radiate outward through your body. Yes, feel the wonderful pleasure in your penis and balls. It feels so good doesn't it. Allow yourself to become erect. Yes, that's right, you feel your penis becoming hard. You feel the lovely tightness in your balls. You squirm now.. rotating your hips as the feeling becomes more and more intense. You are fully erect now... fully hard and erect. Yes, that's a good boy Paul... look at your penis now Paul. Look at how aroused you are."

I looked down at my naked body. It was true. I was standing, rotating my hips, and I had a complete boner which was sticking out and bouncing up and down as I moved. I can't emphasize enough how unbelievably surreal this was. It is still a mystery to me how you can be in control, and yet, totally out of control. I was completely lost in a wonderful and overwhelming state of pure erotic bliss.

"There is another thing you deserve Paul", she continued, "You deserve to have an orgasm. You deserve to feel an orgasm now. You know how good it will feel to cum. You know how much you want to cum. You want to feel the powerful sensation of orgasm - You know the wonderful feeling of pure pleasure your orgasm will bring. You know you can cum now Paul. You want to feel it. You want to feel yourself letting go... and you want to feel yourself cumming... and cumming. You need this release - and you deserve it. You are going to cum Paul. You are going to cum. Your balls are beginning to constrict up into your body as your prepare to cum... yes.. yes.. like that... You feel your hard penis swell with anticipation."

At this point I was completely in her power. Although I was fully aware of what she was doing.. and saying... and I could see the two girls looking at me in total amazement... and I knew I could stop this if I wanted to, but I didn't want to. I was squirming with the pleasure her words were causing. I wanted more. And, I wanted more that anything to cum. And now, I knew it was going to happen... right there... in front of all three of them.

As she continued, the events happened to me exactly as she suggested them, "Paul, I am going to count backwards from Ten to One. As I count down you will come closer and closer to orgasm. When I reach the number Seven, your anus, perineum and balls will begin a series of rhythmic contractions which will be very pleasurable. When I say Six, these contractions will extend forward to your erect penis and you will begin to feel the sensation of orgasm. As I count through Five and Four, you will experience the most intense orgasm of your life. With each orgasmic contraction you will feel a surge of pleasure beyond anything you have ever felt before. You will cum and cum until I reach the number Three. At Three your orgasm will slowly subside. You will feel a sense of complete relief. You will become totally and completely relaxed. At Two you will feel a sense of well being. You will begin to awaken. When i say One, you will awaken refreshed and happy. You will remember everything that happened."

Then she said, "Put your arms up now and clasp your hands behind your head." I did this, and then she started counting. Everything happened exactly as she said it would:

I stood now, naked and completely erect, feet apart, with my hands behind my head. As she counted, "Ten... Nine... Eight".. I became more and more aware of my arousal. I felt as if I was being tease by a hundred tiny fingers.. all over my naked body, I gasped and moaned.. squirmed with pleasure in front of my hypnotist and the two girls...

"Seven"... and the contractions began. Strangely pleasant contractions under my exposed balls and in and around my anus. She paused for a few seconds to allow these contractions to continue... and then...

"SIX"...She held on to this word. The feeling began in my genitals... I was actually starting to cum. She waited a few more seconds... making me wait at this point of no return.. I was moaning and squirming when she finally said in a long whisper...

"FIVE"... Now I was cumming... I looked at the three pretty girls who were watching intently as the feeling of orgasm surged through my genitals and went up and down my naked body... again she paused, watching me intently as I continued to squirm and convulse with pleasure in front of her... and then she lowered her voice and really dragged out the word...

"FOOOUUR" ... The feeling intensified... now I was completely lost in a pure overwhelming state of orgasm. My balls tightened and my rock hard penis rose and fell up and down as the rhythmic contractions forced hot creamy liquid from my body. My penis gushed and gushed over and over and over again. The girls gasped in unison as I expelled the cum from my body.

"Oh my God.. Wow! Look at that! He really IS cumming!" I heard Julie say as I squirmed and moaned with the intense feeling running through my body.

"My Goodness!", said her friend, "This is actually kinda HOT!!!!" (Giggles)

It was the longest orgasm I ever had. My erection continued to dance up and down. My body continued to convulse with the feeling long after I had emptied myself of semen.

"And...Three... Two... and... One. Wake up Paul"

As I recovered form hypnosis I was truly astonished at what had happened. I stood in the room, still naked in front of the three girls. They had a million questions.

Julie immediately said, "Oh my God Paul! That was amazing!"

Her friend said, "You certainly seemed to enjoy it. Did it feel nice to you? Were you aware the whole time that we were watching you?"

I answered their quiestions politely and honestly and then my hypnotists said, "You can get dressed now, if you can find your underpants that is! Everyone had a good laugh remembering how I had kicked them across the room.

After I got dressed we watched the film. It was quite the sight. I felt a little embarrassed now, sitting with these three girls, seeing myself posing naked... with my stiff boner sticking up from my body. And then the orgasm. I just stood there and had an orgasm! And it lasted for about two minutes!

The girls all watched that part about 10 times. You can hear my hypnotists counting down... and as she reaches Six, my penis begins to bob up and down on its own. You can see the contractions in my balls as she counts Five... and at Four... my engorged penis throbs and pulses up and down with each contraction and it gushes for all to see. It is a bit embarrassing, but I have to admit, it's actually interesting to watch.
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