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by Milgak
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I took a sentence from my daily journaling and turned it into poetry [01/04/22]
From a young age, like many, I learned that emotions were bad.
All of them. My expression of sadness was met with anger.
Excitement. Anxiety. Hurt. Joy. Guilt.
They were all met with anger.
But facing rage, did not make me rigid.
Instead, I intentionally maintained my softness--
So that someday, someone could see me authentically
And not fear me the same way I feared her.

Today a passerby, among other declarations, said, "It is your responsibility to show tough love."
I nodded and said, "I understand what you're saying."
Then left.

The problem is that tough love is, more often than not, executed as cruel control.

Isn't there enough tough love in the world?
Is it even tough love?
Maybe just tough.
And isn't there enough tough in the world too?

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