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by Sumojo
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A poem about life’s stages.
32 lines Rhymed poem.

Life’s Ups and Downs
Quote from Prat Babba: Life is nothing without ups and downs

When I was young my mother’s arms
Were all I needed, craved, desired.
“Be brave,” she’d say, “and have no qualms,”
When schooling was required.

With study done, was time to stretch my wings,
To see the World, that’s what I needed.
I tried my hand at many things
And sometimes I succeeded.

The years were blessed with love and friendship.
Despite the ups and downs,
My wife and I we faced the hardships.
Life was smiles, and sometimes frowns.

Needs change throughout the years.
First a mother to hold us tight
To tenderly dry our tears
And to sing a lullaby each night

But soon we seek adventures,
Search for money, fame and satisfaction,
Laugh out loud at misadventures,
Danger, risks, a great attraction.

Next, long years of responsibility,
Of daily grind for hearth and home.
With robust health and vitality
Happy to no longer roam.

Now grandchildren sit upon our knees
As stories of our lives we tell.
The blessings and the many failings
But the joyous times as well.

I reflect on all the years,
Blessings by the score.
I raise a glass and shout out, “Cheers!”
And hope to see a dozen more.


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