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by Keegan
Rated: E · Appendix · Action/Adventure · #2264680
a story about a dragon, a human, and a flower that I made in 6th grade.
The Tale of the Dragon, Human, And the Flower

In a land far far away, there lived a dragon, a human, and a flower. The land was lush and green and filled with lots of animals of every type. Most of the world was occupied by an ocean, but there was one large island of land that the dragon called home. He lived on a tall mountain in the middle of the island. There was magic all over the place, and the air was thin about halfway up the mountain. There was a castle on top of the mountain that was built by humans long ago, but at the moment no one else lived there except for the dragon.

The dragon was as big as a five-story building and could breathe lightning from his mouth. He was light blue like the sky and had a kind and stern voice. His large wings were the length of a cumulonimbus cloud. When he breathed his lightning, the thunder always followed him, so the other animals knew him as “Thunder”.

Thunder had a problem. He was trying to find a flower in a different place, he needed the flower to save his world from the evil dragon. His world was one of three, and the flower was in one of them. Of the three worlds, his world was called the overworld, the second was called the underworld; was filled with lava and fiery hot rocks and monsters. The third world was a place that nobody liked to go to; it was desolate and uninhabitable. The only creatures that lived there were a very evil dragon and its very hostile minions. Thunder didn’t know which world the flower was in, but he knew its name: The Witherflower.
In order to get up to the top of the mountain, you would need to use a magic mask. The mask has a spell on it that enables you to save your breath in order to get up there. There was one person that had the mask: the last surviving human. But this particular human personally loved building, climbing, and flying. and was good at fighting. The human with the mask knew which world the flower was in the underworld.

One day, the human climbed the mountain and walked across the bridge to the tower after he put on the magic mask. Once he got there he told the dragon about the flower and the Thunder asked him if he could show him where it was.

“What are you doing here?” Thunder asked.
“I heard you were looking for the wither flower,” said the human.
“How do you know about it?” Thunder said, his voice booming.
“I heard about it when all the other animals were talking and they heard that you kept talking about the flower,” the human said.
“Well I can try to find it myself,” Thunder said. “Unless you know where it is”.
“I do know where it is, and I can show you if you would like?” said the human. Thunder thought for a minute.
“Why would you do that?” he asked.
The human looked him in the eyes and said, “Because that would be the right thing to do.”
“If we go on this journey together, what should I call you?” Thunder asked.
Thunder looked closer at Berlin to decide if he could trust him. Berlin was tall and young with blue eyes and red hair. He wore a blue mask.
“Ok, let’s go,” Thunder decided. “Climb on my back.”
Then Berlin climbed onto Thunder’s back and Thunder flew from the mountain into the sky in search of the flower.
They traveled for about a month, landing on small it’;/islands and taking breaks to find something to eat as they went.
Then Berlin said, “Hey Thunder, I think we need to go down to that cave over there.”
Thunder looked down to where Berlin was pointing and saw a large granite cave big enough to fit a dragon in it. I wonder why he wants to go down there? Thunder thought to himself. He turned and flew down toward the cave.
“This is the right one,” Berlin explained.
“What’s in the cave?” Thunder asked as they got closer.
“The portal to the underworld. We have to go through it to get to the flower,” Berlin said.
“Have you ever been to this so-called ‘underworld’?” Thunder asked curiously.
“Multiple times actually,” Berlin said, “I flew here multiple times when I still had my airplane.”
“Okay, so how are we going to do this?” Thunder asked.
“What do you mean?” Berlin asked.
“I mean are we just going to fly through the cave or are we going to walk?” Thunder asked.
“I have been through this cave and it sometimes becomes too hard to fly through,” said Berlin.
“Okay, then I am thinking that you were about to say that we would have to walk?” Thunder asked.
“Yes I was just about to suggest that we should walk,” Berlin said, “how did you know?”
“It’s just that...you remind me of somebody that I used to know,” Thunder said, thinking about his mother.
They glided into a landing at the foot of the cave and cautiously moved forward inside of it. Once inside, Berlin picked up a torch-like stick and had Thunder light it, then asked Thunder to follow him. As they got deeper into the cave, it started to get a little cooler. Then they saw a faint light up ahead. They entered a big room that was the same height as the cave’s entrance.
The room was lit up by a lot of candles and each one had a red flame, in the middle of the room there was a giant granite arch that was glowing red and orange. On the walls, there were statues of volcanoes. Each volcano was in its erupting stage and each volcano had a bigger eruption.
“Why are there statues of volcanoes everywhere?” Thunder asked.
“I forgot to tell you that where we are going there are volcanoes and lava and monsters everywhere,” explained Berlin.
“Oh okay, Berlin so do we just walk through the portal, and then we are in the ‘underworld’?” Thunder asked.
“Yes that is what happens,” said Berlin.
“Okay, let’s do this,” said Thunder.
As they were walking towards the portal it started to make a noise like a car engine starting.
When they walked out of the portal they were in the underworld.
The scene around them was both scary and jaw-dropping at the same time. They were on a ledge of a volcano, around the volcano was a lake of molten lava, the air was easy to breathe at the moment. but if the volcano was to erupt the air would be hazardous to anything that can’t breathe it, as far as they could see there was an ocean of molten lava but in the distance, there were islands that were not connected to the molten ocean floor but the ceiling and what looked like trees was growing on them.
“Okay we are in the underworld now Thunder,” Berlin said
“Okay, Berlin let’s go find that flower!” exclaimed Thunder.
And so Berlin got on Thunder’s back and they took off from the volcano and headed toward the islands.
When they got to the islands, Berlin got off of Thunder’s back and saw a field of flowers
“Hey, Thunder are those flowers the wither flower?” asked Berlin as he walked closer.
“Yes I think those are wither flowers,” said Thunder as he followed Berlin.
All of a sudden a giant black dragon with stars like patterns and blood-red eyes came and landed in between them and the flowers, down from her back came creatures that obeyed her every word, the creatures had blacker than black skin and arms and legs that were twice as long as the average human’s arms and legs.
“Who is that?” Berlin asked.
“The evil dragon,” said Thunder.
“Hi Thunder,” said the evil dragon.
“Hi Lightning,” said Thunder.
“Wait Thunder you are telling me that you know her?” asked Berlin.
“Yes Lightning is my evil sister,” Said Thunder.
“Hey I am still here” snarled Lightning, “are we going to battle or what!”
“Fine Lightning we will battle,” said Thunder in a stern voice
“Can I help?” Berlin asked in a quiet voice
“Yes you can” Thunder whispered
And so Berlin climbed on Thunder’s back and put on some battle gear he had brought along in case he would need it, and grabbed his sword out. and then the battle began.
Thunder and Berlin took off together just before Lightning and her minions did. Thunder Breathed lightning at Lightning and knocked off some of her minions into the lava below, and then lightning dove at thunder and flew close enough for some of them to jump onto Thunder’s back where Berlin was waiting patiently for them. As Thunder and Lightning clashed together they did not know that there were monsters below watching them, they were watching them because this battle would determine the fate of all three of the worlds. If Lightning won the three worlds would be thrown into chaos until Thunder and Berlin could find a way to stop her, but if Thunder won then there would be peace in the three worlds forever. Meanwhile, on Thunder’s back Berlin was fighting off the minions he had already managed to knock four of them off but he still had two of them left to go. Then the minions started to talk to each other and so one of them went right and one went left. and Berlin thought that he was going to lose, but then time slowed down and Berlin knew exactly what was happening, and all of the sudden the volcano went boom.
Then Berlin used the time while he could and knocked the remaining minions off Thunder’s back and told Thunder to go to that cave over there and cave in the entrance or else they will die. So Thunder went to the cave and sealed the entrance just in time as a wave of toxic gases and fumes washed over the underworld.
10 hours later the toxic gases and fumes cleared and Thunder and Berlin came out of the cave. At the same time, they came out Lightning came out of a cave on the opposite side of the island. Then they saw each other, but this time something different happened as Lightning and Thunder flew closer to each other. Thunder asked Berlin a question.
“Berlin can you reach down and grab a wither flower please?” Thunder asked
“Yes I can Thunder,” Berlin said, “but why do you need it?”
“Because I want you to throw the wither flower at Lightning, okay?” Thunder said.
“Okay Thunder,” Berlin said as he reached down and grabbed a wither flower
Then just as Lightning and thunder were about to collide, Thunder flew up and Berlin threw the wither flower at Lightning.
Then Lightning's entire body started to change physically and mentally. She started to turn back to who she was before she became an evil dragon.
Her body started to change from black to the color of a cumulonimbus cloud when it's about to rain, and white jagged lines that looked like lightning bolts started to form on her wings, her eyes started to turn sky blue, and she started to think clearly. But there was one drawback to the transformation. She would sleep until she got back to the tower on top of the mountain.
Then Thunder flew over her that way Berlin could jump on her back. Then Thunder swooped under her and flew her towards the portal that would take them back to the overworld. When they got out of the portal they were in the cave and so Thunder landed and started walking away from the portal and toward the cave opening. When they got out thunder lifted off again and started flying towards home. They knew it would take longer to get there because they were heavier.
2 months later after stopping to eat, drink, and rest along the way. They finally saw the island that Thunder and Lightning and Berlin call home. As they were flying over the island they saw all the trees and the giant lake on the south side of the island. But they also saw dragon eggs in the areas that different types of dragons would lay their eggs. There were leaf dragon eggs in the trees, water dragon eggs in the ocean, lake, ponds, fire dragon eggs in the deserts, and the sky dragon eggs would be in the tower.
Finally, when they got into the tower, Thunder let Berlin down and set Lightning down on the floor. But they did not see any sky dragon eggs in the hatchery.
“Hey Thunder,” Berlin said
“Yes Berlin what is the problem,” Thunder asked
“Where are the sky dragon eggs that you said would be in the hatchery?” asked Berlin
“They are not there yet because I still have to find a girlfriend, Berlin,” Thunder replied.
“But I thought that you had a girlfriend,” Berlin said.
“No I don’t,” Thunder said.
“Well let’s go find one,” Berlin said.
“Okay,” Thunder said.
“I will help too,” said Lightning.

And then Berlin got on Thunder’s back and the three of them flew off together.
To be continued in book 2.
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