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An emporium of shoes that sells whatever kind of shoes one could want
Welcome to the Shoe Emporium
We’re so glad you chose to come
With bouncing steps and a delighted hum

We have every size in every shoe
In every vibrant color and sparkling hue
All set up and ready to view

There are so many shoes
How do you choose
Which pair is best for you

There are purple sequined boots
For a fancy cowgirl’s country roots
As she travels the rodeo routes

Sturdy leather shoes are all the hype
For the stern, on the go business type
Whether in the office or on Skype

Boots for walking through the trees
Amidst singing birds and buzzing bees
In nature without facsimiles

For those who play a sport
There's no need to be a worrywort
We have cleats for all the sporty sort

All these and many more all lined up in rows
To fit everyone’s heels and toes
For all occasions and tableaus

Don’t forget the Shoe Emporium
Is the best place to come
For all your shoeing needs and then some
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