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Based on Aesop's fable, The thief and his mother
There once was a bully goat who liked to tease the other goats. He teased them because they were smaller and did not have horns yet. He teased them because they were of a lower status, and he was not. You see, the bully goat was going to be the next chief of the goat herd, and he liked to brag about it and show everyone that he was better than them.

One day, when the bully goat was teasing a smaller goat, the chief came out of the field and watched his son from afar. He saw his son teasing the small goat, but did nothing to prevent the bullying. The bully goat's father kept an eye on the bully, but he thought that he should not interfere with his son’s problems. Little did anyone know, the grandmother goat was watching everyone. The grandmother goat is the wisest, oldest, and kindest goat there is, and she was paying special attention to the bully goat. She saw the teasing, and the bullying, and the meanness. She also saw that the bully goat's father did nothing about it.

On the day of the bully goat's coronation of being chief, the grandmother goat took the father and son into a private room, and told the bully goat that he could not be the next chief because he would not make a good ruler. She said that the bully goat did too much wrong in his past, and he never repented for being a bully goat. She also scolded the father goat for not teaching his son right from wrong, and not stopping him from teasing the other goats. As she sorrowfully trotted out of the room, the bully goat realized that his actions have consequences, and if he could have been a better goat, he would have been chief.
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